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Things I made

SVG share

A site to share Vector images, as silos like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Slack don’t show them. It makes a PNG version so when you link to it, the previews work. Formerly known as

Noter Live

A web app to make live note posting (aka live-tweeting, live-blogging) easier. Used for the notes below.

Recent Publications

Circuit breakers and microservices (or, how to really use Hystrix) at Datawire

Making microservices resilient and self-healing

How the Web Became Unreadable at BackChannel

I thought my eyesight was beginning to go. It turns out, I’m suffering from design.

How Twitter Got Angry at Fast Company

As Twitter attempts to stem abuse, a look back at the service’s earlier design shows how it became so ripe for it.

How To Break Open The Web at Fast Company with Dan Gillmor

The Internet's designers and a new generation of hackers are unraveling the knots keeping the web from living up to its original promise.

Live notes and essays

Thinking Digital Startup Competition

Herb Kim: Welcome to the 9th startup competition - we used to say Annual, but that's not quite right any more. 12 startups get to pitch for 3 minutes each

Twitter Edits You

With all the fuss about Twitter’s promised edit button, and how they might design it, we’re missing a disturbing development — Twitter is using its embedded javascript to edit other people’s sites.

Google I/O Chrome Follow session

Nick Krasney: We want to build out the next 20 years for RSS on the open web

Johnson is not Jobs

Johnson, by all reports, will do anything to put off making a decision; no-one who worked for Steve Jobs was left guessing about what he thought.

Replies to Silos only at my own site

Can we POSSE to twitter with just a URL?

IndieWeb Camp London Notes

Suze Shardlow: I found a lot more motivation to do this today with having other people doing it too, and thank you to @ohhelloana, @cheukting_ho and @calum_ryan for organising this very well.

Homebrew Website Club Teesside Notes

good practice would be to always ping to stash pages when you link to them. This is something I do at when sending webmentions - I archive both the links involved too.

Public Sevice Internet notes

Solana Larsen: I'm worried about the global dystopian surveillance society, and anyone who reads the newspaper can see this now - free speech, freedom of movement everything is at risk

Mapcamp notes

Simon Wardley: I would love for people to find better ways of mapping - mine are primitive and I made them creative commons so someone else can fix them.

XOXO notes

jonny sun: I've been thinking about tweets as things that create conversation spaces - you create a little micro community in the replies to a tweet

Teacamp: Jacqui Taylor on GDPR

Dr Jacqui Taylor: GDPR is about building our web world with privacy at the core - so citizens can trust us

Thinking Digital

Sarah Wiseman: when my friend finally bought her house, I responded with 🎏🎏🎏carp streamers - I then realised that this was only a celebratory emoji for me and my sister. Just as 2 people can listen to the same audio clip and one hear Yanny and the other Laurel, they can look at the same emoji and see a different meaning.

Future Blockchain Summit Dubai

Jamie Burke: The hedge funds will come in and crash the crypto token market. All the senior partners are waiting on the sidelines to enter this market, but there is not enough liquidity for them - they will break the market when they come in.

Future Blockchain Summit Dubai

Wesam Lootah: Yes, blockchain was not invented in Dubai, Satoshi Nakomoto is not a Dubai citizen. We want to be the blockchain capital of the world. If you have spent any time in Dubai over the last 10 years you can see that we make big promises and we deliver

Jeremy Silver and Jeremy Bailenson on 'Experience on Demand'

Jeremy Bailenson: Start with a problem that needs to be solved, if VR or AR helps to solve it, great. Don't use the technology for the sake of it

Future Social Media - Digital Catapult

Mark Little: When I went to work at twitter I started to see the antithesis further - big platforms are a contradiction. We are rows of corn to be harvested by big companies into data and sold to advertisers. So we need synthesis - what do we do? Do we leave it to platforms or governments to fix this?

GDPR and Media Innovation - Digital Catapult

Kathryn Geels: Half of web users are faking their data due to security fears. Lawyers have told me that anyone who says they are 100% GDPR compliant is either lying or doesn't understand the regulations

Internet of Agreements 2 - Digital Catapult

Michael Mainelli: Anyone who says they they are giving you database write for $35 - they are an idiot

Homebrew Website Club London

We are celebrating one million webmentions - and @calumn_ryan brought cupcakes
More news this week - WebSub (formerly known as PubSubHubbub) is a w3c REC and IndieAuth is a w3c NOTE

Decaying Silos as dead malls

Every Silo has it's own custom preview markup, but Microformats make you smile.

Creative Investment Forum

Phil Parker: The idea today is to start a conversation about the key problems of the creative industries. Over 90% of the creative industry is freelancers, and access to finance is a limiting factor for them.

Homebrew Website Club London notes

Grigor : I haven't heard of indieweb before - I understand that you don't want to be bound to a specific platform and I like it

Twitter’s Nazi Filter

It's not something that Twitter advertise, but they do have a built-in Nazi-blocking filter.

Long Finance notes

Michael Mainelli: I have never seen a new technology take out an existing technology - even landlines are taking their time to go. The role of governance is to help us through these transitions of technology

Homebrew Website Club London notes

Calum Le Tour 🚴🏻: This is the 1st anniversary of Homebrew Website Club London


Jeni Tennison: Sam asked me to round out the day with vision things, look at the future, be optimistic

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Byte The Future

Jonathan Rivers: Innovation Theater - all the fancy gadgets in the lab to look cool - a MS surface table, a 3d printer for some reason. There is more innovation in a stack of post-its than in a room full of fancy gadgets

Newspaper firms must face heavy fines over extremist content – MPs

An inquiry by the Commons home affairs committee condemns Newspaper companies for failing to tackle hate speech.

Mastodon, Twitter and publics

Long ago, I wrote about the theory of social sites, with the then-young Twitter as the exemplar. As Mastodon, GnuSocial and other federated sites have caught some attention recently, I thought I'd revisit these theories.

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

EJ Harkness: The amazing thing about the internet is that it is everything - no-one cares whether it is MIT or oxford or my brain. If we have some stable means of establishing identity we can compare your history of what you say

Microservices Summit

Rafi Schloming: Start with the people and think how to divide up the work first, let that lead to the technical perspective

Day 4: Broke my Known site #100daysOfIndieWeb

I think I extended the meaning of Tantek's js;dr tonight anyway.

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

#ThatTechGirl: I don't have a homebrew site, but I did a 4 hour hackathon on a new website last night— I built a birthday website for a friend of mine, and he hasn't seen it yet - it's at

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Stacey DePolo: is there a non-silo'd option for posting video or audio?

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Kevin Marks : a great example of service workers is @adactio's that caches pages so you can read on a plane

Stacey DePolo: if I'm someone who frequently travels on airplanes I can read stuff offline without paying for wifi?

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Aza Raskin: we are working on "the chatternet" - the internet of conversation

Next Economy notes

Paul English: when the human agent overrides the AI, that's when the AI learning kicks in

Next Economy notes

Steven Levy: the rap on these deep learning systems is that they are black boxes - you don't know what they are doing

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Jean M Russell: how do you make pooping OK? Unicorns and soft serve

I don't have code to share - I have help I need

Distributed verification

Now, we already have the rel="me" standard for linking between different sites to show that you own them both. Its been around for 13 years, and is widely adopted. How about we make it into a badge?

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Ben Werdmüller: the interface on medium is designed to encourage longer responses, and the out-of-network ones are hidden by default

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Kevin Marks: Last week I showed rel-me detection on my website - this week I have a chrome plug-in at

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Christina Warren:I wouldn't put a brand in my twitter handle - I know better

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Dan Gillmor: when I teach journalists, I get them to buy a domain, set up their own hosting and create a blog or website

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Kevin Marks: how blogging worked in 2000 we'd click through our blogroll each morning and see our friends stories. That's snapchat

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Known: is a community space powered by Known, and there are more coming

Homebrew Website Club SF notes

Joe Nelson: Email I affectionately call the “cockroach of the internet,” because it is older than the web yet we still use it

Homebrew Website Club notes

Dmitri Shuralyov: I discovered indieweb a week ago, and the values and motivations were thinking along the same lines. I found indieweb through someone's personal website.

Decentralized Web Summit

Dan Gillmor: it's about more than a decentralized web, but about control too - net neutrality may be a short term victory

Decentralized Web Summit

Tim Berners-Lee: Incremental change and only adding the pieces that we needed was key. It was never clear that the web would take off, but it did

Decentralized Web Summit

Mitchell Baker: If we can keep Immediate Open Universal Agency then the web remains decentralized

IndieWeb Summit Demos

Aaron: we're going to demo what we've done this weekend at #indiewebsummit - 5 minutes each

IndieWeb Summit notes

Tantek: we encourage everyone to share what they have built whether on our wiki or a open source code on github or wherever

Homebrew Website Club notes

Tantek Çelik:Webmention is now a Candidate Recommendation for w3c which is kind of a big deal we incubated and developed webmention in the indieweb community and brought it over to the SocialWG at w3c

When u- means <style>

I'd suggest if you are going to do this kind of thing, use a prefix of hack- or style- instead.

Homebrew Website Club notes

Kathy Ems: My app is at determining your outfit for your next adventure

Google I/O 2016

Sundar Pichai: Today we are announcing the Google Assistant - we want to ask our users "Hi, how can I help?"

IndieWeb Camp Düsseldorf demos

Julie Anne Noying: I made my nick name Julie Anne Noying a while ago, and this week a domain name was registered at the bar

The Joy of Sparks

I made a Joy Division inspired graph of activity in indiewebcamp IRC over the last 90 days

IndieWeb Camp Düsseldorf notes

Aaron Parecki: I think we know why we're here - we are making our own websites and helping each other

Homebrew Website Club notes

Tantek: Webmention spec has reached 0 open issues, is basically ready to go from Working Draft to Candidate Recommendation

Internet Identity Workshop Notes

Doc Searls: the whole adtech industry is falling apart. I know one $100M adtech company that says it is a zombie

Internet Identity Workshop Notes

Phil Windley: 12 years ago Kim Cameron of Microsoft defined the 12 laws of identity - I asked him to talk and update these laws

Instant BCC

Ashley Mayer: The only innovation I want is to be able to start an email thread and bcc myself out of it at the same time.

Homebrew Website Club notes

Tantek: there's a new site at for testing webmention support on your site, as part of the @w3c webmention standards

SVG Sparklines

Making sparklines that embed the datapoints directly

IndieWeb Camp Nürnberg demos

Pelle Wessman: there are some exotic webmention types, and it can be hard to get people to send you webmentions

IndieWeb Camp Nürnberg notes

Jeremy Keith: now the point is not just to keep things to yourself on your own site, but to share them out to twitter or flickr too

Hacks/Hackers Buzzfeed Lab notes

Ainsley: What is key that you are looking at the system and the system is looking at you

Twitter's 10th Anniversary

Sandro: what stops me from having a website is that I have lots of different websites

IndieWeb Camp MIT notes

Sandro: what stops me from having a website is that I have lots of different websites

Homebrew Website Club notes

Kyle Mahan: this is my reader - when it detects that a post is an event, it adds 'interested' 'going' 'not going'

Homebrew Website Club notes

Tantek Çelik: imagine everything that you do on sites like twitter on facebook, but on your own site, and able to do more

Homebrew Website Club notes

Ben Werdmüller: I like the idea of a webring, and of a public timeline - as it shows 'here are the people'

Homebrew Website Club notes

Tantek: sometimes something really small that is less than a page of code can really help someone understand

Hacks Hackers Connect SF

Corey Ford: there is always a drunken walk- you need prototyping and executing. Twitter started as a podcast company

Making the trains run on time

A modest moonshot for Google: track trains and buses, and sponsor free wifi

Social Computing Symposium

Judith Donath: Weizenbaum gave up programming and wrote a novel warning of technology built by people what don't understand social

Social Computing Symposium

Vivienne Ming: whether a neural network is biased or not depends on how it was raised

Homebrew Website Club notes

@kylewmahan: I added goodreads support to so I can post to goodreads with micropub

SF New Tech notes

Myles Weissleder: welcome to the last demo night of the year, and thank you for making it awesome Demo Day notes

Corey Ford: These companies have been doing what I like to call the drunken walk of the entrepreneur

Indiewebcamp SF 2015 afternoon demo notes

Ben Werdmüller: today I decided that I hate Known, so I'm going to export my known site to wordpress

Indiewebcamp SF 2015 morning notes

we're here to hack on our own websites and hope to build something to show off at the end of today

Homebrew Website Club notes

@t: we are doing commitments to update our sites by the end of the year, like we did last year

Homebrew Website Club notes

@t: welcome to the 2 year anniversary of Homebrew Website Club

Next Economy Notes

@zeynepton: what I saw was that retail was operating in a vicious cycle where labour was treated as as cost to minimise

Next Economy Notes

Kristian Hammond: I miss the old world when everything was simple when we'd build AIs in robot bodies and they'd kill us all

SF Music Tech Notes

@rocknty: I've been in the data business for 18 years and I just figured out what I am doing now

Not in our Stars

We can get back the much-mourned favorite star on twitter by an 'add a comment' retweet with a 🌟 emoji

HTML as TeX replacement

In which I learn that SVG Text and mathematical fonts are annoying

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Accelerated Mobile Pages - a quick reaction

Homebrew Website Club notes

XOXO Notes

XOXO Notes

XOXO Notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Read Terry Pratchett's The Shepherd's Crown this weekend with this simple 6 step process

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Hadley Beeman at OSCON

Homebrew Website Club notes

Indiewebcamp Portland

Indiewebcamp UK

Homebrew Website Club notes

Microformats 2 and Schema

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Mentions as quotes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

w3c Social Working Group Face to Face Demos

Homebrew Website Club notes

Puzzled by Medium

the Web in an Eye Blink

Homebrew Website Club notes

Archiving - Netgain Challenge

We Like IndieWeb Software

Hacks Hackers SF notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

New Clues repost

highway1 Demo Day Notes

Mmindding Notes

Future Of Money Notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

SF Music Tech Notes

My First Website

How did Twitter become the hate speech wing of the free speech party?

XOXO notes

XOXO notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

IndieWebCamp UK Demos

IndieWebCamp UK notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Matter Design Review 0

SF Music Tech Notes

Internet Identity Workshop XVIII

Internet Identity Workshop XVIII

F8 live notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Fragmentions for Poets

Amber Case Passion Projects - IndieWeb

Fragmentions - linking to any text

w3c Annotation notes

Patent Trolls, Innovation, and You notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

IndieWebCamp SF Wrapup Demos

IndieWebCamp SF IndieWeb Apps notes

IndieWebCamp SF Your Friend the Silo notes

IndieWebCamp SF Indie Comic notes

IndieWebCamp SF IndieComms notes

IndieWebCamp SF Demos notes

UXNight Bootstrap and Foundation notes

Bitcoin Meetup notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Launch conference

How to tell your personality from your code ()

Homebrew Website Club notes

The Crunchies

Money and Tech Launch notes

Model View Culture Launch notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

ReadWriteWeb Paypal notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

Le Web notes

Homebrew Website Club notes

IndieWebcamp UK notes

XOXO Fest Notes

SF Music Tech Notes

Demo Fall 2013 Notes

GigaOm Roadmap 2013 Notes

Slopegraph after Tufte

My very first home page