The web in an Eye blink

Jason Scott:

this talk is called "the web in an eye blink" but it is about people and the web

I give talks, I collect things; a lot of what I do is gain attention - if my clothing hadn't shown that already

I was very affected by a speech by Wilson Miner - he built a tool onstage that everyone wanted

a talk is not a piece of paper that you drags your finger across for an hour, but a series of strings you can pull on

Always wear a Viking hat when you visit Iceland - the locals love it

I have a famous cat called @sockington who has 4.5M twitter followers - it revealed how arbitrary fame it to me

It was talking to someone from the Today show who wanted me to sedate my cat and fly to NY that made me realise

Garfield joined twitter but only had 200,000 followers and @sockington welcomed him like Keith Richards talking to Bieber

when I was about 9, my mother woke me up and said my father was dangerous and we had to leave

My mother said "grab what you need" and I took my dog and my blanket

I learned some important lessons: Nothing is permanant; you are responsible for your destiny

when you make your dad pull over so you can pose with the Apple sign — in sunglasses

once humans get their hands on things they make the things come alive - even if it is a BBS

A bullitin board was bascially a computer with a modem and a lonely person attached to it

young Jason would back up everything he had found on bulletin boards and back them up on floppy discs

when bulletin boards stopped bing important in my life. No, when they stopped being something I did daily…

when the web came along. I realised that BBS were persona non grata on the internet

so I grabbed and put up 30,000 files. Then everyone sent me the stuff that they had stashed

I am an accidental historian. I graduated from High School with a 1.7 GPA —that's hard to do without shooting up school

I graduated Emerson College with a 2.1 GPA - it turns out you cna sneak your way in the back way to respectability

I am old enough that when I brought a laptop to school and they assumed I was cheating

my title is "Free Range Archivist" at the Internet Archive- i sound like a FPS final boss

the day I tried to download the Internet Archive, it was like a hamster trying to chew a baseball

the Internet Archive is an amazing collection of human culture in so many different forms

I have personally overseen or uploaded about 2% of the Internet Archive

if the Internet Archive being in a church isn't weird enough it is full of tiny statues of people

If you're at the Internet Archive for 3 years, they make a statue of you. I love that they did that

the Internet Archive is the example of a guy who got really rich and didn't turn into a shit (@brewsterkahle)

I can't overstate how much of our history would not exist without the Internet Archive

for a lot of people the Internet Archive was the web

before San Francisco was a tech-bro soup that solved the problem of bro's driving each other everywhere, it was the web

the web - people will normally think of the time where we learnt to use browsers as the web

back in 1992 the web was couple of hundred sites

the web is ridiculous; it is a fast talker. it can snow you; it's unendingly bored; it gets excited when you buy things

today @medium said that they found a point between a tweet and longform. It was like being sold a donut. it's a blog

pizza hut was the very first ecommerce site on the net - they'd ask your address and phone number and call you back

when geocities died a lot of people said "good riddance" - but it was a lot of people making things for free

for some people geocities was the largest audience their genetic line had ever reached

when geocities went down I was very angry. this is their cage - it held 9TB

At the time of it's death, geocities had no-one assigned to it and was he 212th site on the net

the web was never really designed to be permenant -a URL was not built to be forever. It's time to redo that

Archive Team is a group of guerrilla archivists who rush and take copies before things go down

today @google said @blogger would take down any nudity that did not have artistic merit by march 15th

tuens out google is an archive like a supermarket is a food museum

if we see too many errors on a website, we go grab a copy, jst to be sure

we pull in about 400GB a day just to be sure in case some guy has it wrong

life is a lossy format - we do not have enough capacity to store everything

we don't know what is important. if it's easy to take snapshot that will go away later, lets do it

my uncle wore long sleeves, because he had a number tattooed on his arm, but he climbed a fence and got away

when I got into a screaming phone battle with one of the founders of ello— just in case, as I didn't get to do it to FB

turns out nobody cared about ello so it can go die

I hate being the gatekeeper - deciding what gets to live and die

time capsules are a very odd thing - why put things in concrete for others to see after you die

my definition of the Long Now foundation is us going da dada dah dah and in 1000 years they go "dah da"

this is us now::we have things that fy in the sky that kill people;things in our pocket that tell us who to sex with

a school in minnesota put a cornerstone with a time capsule in and they dig it up in10 years, and it is full of water

this guy is slug - he creeated SpaceWar - if you go to the Computer History Museum he will kick your ass at SpaceWar

there is a thing I've been working on for 3 years - how do we handle software

we managed the web, we managed books and music and even video, but software is harder

we got this smurf game from colecovision running in the browser that was a revelation

what is the thing that runs code in the browser that wasn't destroyed by Larry Ellison? Javascript

we have all these old games running on MESS in the browser in javascript

we now have the emularity - we run Windows in a browser running PPP connecting to the net using Netscape

the most important thing - we put up 25,000 software packages, but everyone plays Oregon Trail

it's less about the tool - which is amazing - but that I grew up through tragedy to build dreams of these children

that is what is important to me - that a kid in school can use a computer from this year to play a program 20 years old

nothing is permanent, but love it while it is here. You are responsible for your destiny, but your destiny is shared

don't walk down the streets of Belfast as the black angel of death - I've done it

we are the temporary caretakers of this chain of memory so we should look after it