IndieWebCamp UK Demos

Glenn Jones:

my site shows me the nearest places to me so I can check in

I found an HTML5 JS open source pedometer! @tommorris: so, Glenn Jones has been working on indie-fitbit.js

by having this javscript pedometer, I can make my phone only look for locations when I am walking

Barnaby Walters:

on install of taproot, it registers with the browser as a handler for indie actions

we can do cross-site commenting without a browser extension by having handlers on our site using iframes

I added in intermediate certificates so we can use SSL with all our tools

I also added a way to track people's post locations using the shrewdness data

Grant Richmond:

I got a new domain, and set up on it and also made a contact page

Jeremy Keith:

my demo is that is now all https

I now have support for indie-actions on and connect to bridgy

Shane Hudson:

I don't have much to demo, but I do have ssl working on my site and got an A grade

Nat Welch:

my goal this weekend was to rewrite everything, but I did get my blog running in go on AppEngine

currently using appengine auth, but I want to switch to indieauth for this

Tom Morris:

my current site is not very responsive

mf2py now has a way to quickly parse and generate microformats 2

Kevin Beynon:

I set up indieauth on my own site to log in as admin so I can end password sharing

Joschi Kuphal 吉:

I also got my site up on SSL, and fixed my webmention interop

Chris A.:

my site is fairly new so I'm going through IndieMark

Tantek Çelik:

I've been working on indie actions too, and doing UI analysis on silos answers

Aral Balkan:

I also got my site fully SSL+working with forward secrey

Rosa Emerald Fox:

I wanted to make my own CMS, and have images and tags working

Aaron Parecki:

I've been publishing bookmarks elsewhere and want to move back to my own site

now I have which I imported from wordpress and they're now all microformatted

you can comment on my bookmarks now

Kevin Marks:

I built which takes legacy atom+rss feeds and makes microformats 2 hfeed pages

so you can now read xkcd: and see it in shrewdness

I also made it work with podcasts like @onthemedia to generate <audio> embeds like so

unmung is running on appengine, the code is up at

These notes were made while tired and watching via webcam from California Corrections and improvements welcomed