IndieWebCamp UK

Andrew Marks:

has arrived in brighton safely

Tantek Çelik:

I'm the host here, as well as @adactio and @tommorris - [plays squarespace video with indiewebcamp]

in 2011 at a meeting discussing federated protocols, me, @caseorganic, @aaronpk @skinny started indiewebcamp to build things

day 1 is discussion sessions, day 2 is hack sessions

day 1 is discussion sessions - what we want to build, day 2 is hack sessions - actually building it

if you go to you can see what we're saying; you can hear us

now it's time for introductions and demos - show us your website and how you are using it

the newest thing I did was adding https to my site so I can post securely

I need help fixing my rel-me auth now, so if anyone wants to help find me

Jeremy Keith:

If you post a comment to my site using webmention I can work out which post you are using with h-entry

after webmentions I got notes working and copying to twitter via POSSE

I am using to propagate to twitter and get comments back on my own posts

I added photo posting, which I upload to my site and make various sizes for different screens viewing it

I post photos to my own site, but send copies to twitter so there is a backup there and to flickr too

this saves the monolithic task of posting to multiple places, but I haven't brought my old pix back from flickr yet

I would like to also POSSE to Instagram but there is no API call to post to instagram except from their app

there is that lets you copy back photos from instagram, which is almost what I want, but my site should be the true one

Tom Morris:

this is my site, , which is not as responsive as it could be; it's primarily text-based

I use Mozilla Persona to sign in as it didn't need me to pretend to be an app to sign in

when I'm logged in it just shows my posting interface at the top of the page, with title, content, POSSE boxes+license

the feature I have added recently is location - which has London AND Brighton

I use for map tiles that serve over https, and use OpenStreetMap place objects with lat long

Sam Machin:

at indiewebcmap last year I showed a really early hack of owning my own communications

the problem is that I don't own my phone number, but i can connect to it over WebRTC

the idea is that we can replace all forms of contact - phone, chat, whatever with URLs

you can call me by going to my page - is frontend; a lot of backend I am running

you go to my URL to call me, and I decide how you connect depending on where I am

voicemail is shit - everyone hates it, so give better alternatives

If you log into my site with indieauth, I can show you more ways to contact me, based on how I know you

Nat Welch:

I have a bunch of different sites that did webmentions and such, and it got annoying, so on the train ride I changed it

my old sites were (long form) to be tweeted at and now at /natnatnat

Pelle Wessman:

I got tired of hosting my own server so I move to Jekyll on github pages for everything at

I have javascript that embeds webmentions using to show them on a static site

you add a rel=webmention link to point to this and some javascript to copy to your page embed the webmentions

I also wrote a tool to test webmentions + make sure you aren't allowing script injections called webmention-testpinger

Glenn Jones:

last year I showed my posts written in HTML in a folder, but now I use my phone to take pictures and checkin

I built a new system that is broken into sections that make sense on a phone

if you look at you can see what I have posted

contenteditable is very hard to work with. I have to link URLs, @'s and #'s myself to make it usable

I added a UI to set up POSSE so it will then post to other sites like Twitter as well

everything on the site, if you add /json to a URL will parse the microformats of the page and make JSON form it

All the HTML is stored locally so even if goes down I could staticly host it somewhere else

I've built this up experimentally, but am considering running this as a service like

I have a "reclaim your tweets" feature where you download the zipfile from twitter and it adds only the new ones

the twitter archive doesn't give you all the context info you need, so I scrape twitter to fix that is all built on node.js - it imports account info for each person I interact with so I have context

I generate an hCard for each person including twitter, name and website, and have started adding places too

see for what I have found from my tweets, but I snap to fences in places I know

I have my own near.html page that shows me the places I have been to before to snap to common ones

Shane Hudson:

my site is running wordpress; I tried to write my own CMS, also tried Craft

craft is at - I added a geolocation plugin to craft

somebody already wrote webmention sending for craft; I added reciving them

Andrew Marks:

I'm Andrew Marks- my dad is on that computer there -wave to him

I have my own site at running on Known - I use soundcloud and wordpress mainly

I can post a photo of my dad and it will webmention him if I link it

I can checkin here using Known and get an openstreetmap link

I also have a site at on Known and I'm working out how to use this for actors too

Tim Retout:

I discovered indieweb 2 weeks ago and have hosed on my website now

Rosa Emerald Fox:

I have been a web developer for 7 months, I have a static site with wordpress for blogging at

I am building my own site in rails on heroku and plan to make it more indieweb compatible

Barnaby Walters:

I'm Barnaby Walters at and I've been building a reader since last year

I got distracted by building intertubes based on yahoo pipes which is a reader construction kit

but then I made which looks like tweetdeck but only parses microformats 2

I get twitter info via a twitter to microformats 2 proxy converter too

I also have a search column that works via elasticsearch on whatever it has seen already

you can also reply to things - I support so you can post replies on your own site

if you log in to shrewdness with your site using indieauth you can post to it in reply by micropub

Al Power:

If i'd spent as much time creating content as tinkering with CMS's I'd have a multi-thousand page blog

I want to make photo uploading really easy - trying out kirby and perch

Joschi Kuphal 吉:

I have implemented webmentions on my site using TYPO3, a popular CMS in eastern europe

I want to add photo and note posting and implement these in typo3 too

Calum Ryan:

my site is I've been building a way for tour guides to access at

I want to use my front end designs with an indieweb-based backend

Tantek Çelik:

I need a volunteer who has an iPad, as I want to show Icon use.

by adding an icon to your homepage, your friends can add your face to their homescreens and get to you clickly

so I've been thinking about how to make the person first and the contact secondly see

if you go to you can click through to contact me directly

this is all built in html+css, no javascript, so it is faster than native applications

the other part of this is communicating how you want to be contacted to people in a way that looks like apps

I need to add a time-based version so if I'm asleep it will turn off facetime, for example