Homebrew Website Club

Kevin Marks:

Welcome to Homebrew Website Club San Francisco


we do hardware - very small position sensors so you can tell how things are moving

Kevin Marks:

I wanted to show an update of the distributed verification idea

if you go to kevinmarks.com you see green ticks on all my links because it is verifying them

Ben Werdmüller:

I work for medium, and I run http://words.werd.io/ on medium now, to self-dogfood

at medium there are lots of people whose job is to make the editor work well, which is better than I could do

You'll notice that the green checkmark on the twitter link on my words.werd.io page because we do rel="me"

the interface on medium is designed to encourage longer responses, and the out-of-network ones are hidden by default

Stacey DePolo:

people used to count number of comments on their blog, but now they tend to turn them off


why are you putting red X's on people's sites?

Kevin Marks:

well, the red X is more of a debugging thing - probably the green is a more positive message

but the red X has been useful in spotting links to places that aren't right

Ben Werdmüller:

lots of the ad-blockers will also remove social media tracking and comments too.

Calum Ryan 🇪🇺:

My site is https://calumryan.com - I get rel-me green on twitter and on github

my site is on digital ocean and all done in Jekyll

the photo page is done with a php backend

I have a service worker setup so it works offline, which was why I went to https in the first place

Ben Werdmüller:

I like the touch by showing weather

Calum Ryan 🇪🇺:

I get the weather from weather.io at the time of posting and render it in

I have my own frontend - it gets location from the browser and weather from weather.io

I got my webmentions working with both webmention.rocks and RSVP to tonight's page https://calumryan.com/note.php?noteId=328

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