Amber Case: Passion Projects - IndieWeb

Julie Ann Horvath:

watch @caseorganic talk live at

Amber is my superhero for stepping in at the last minute to take over from a cancelled speaker

Amber Case:

I'm going to talk about the IndieWeb - the independent Web

I want to demonstrate POSSE - post on your own site, syndicate elsewhere.

it used to be when you shared to twitter or facebook, all comments were stuck there but brings them back

I'm going to log in with my own domain name - this uses IndieAuth - it's like oAuth but indie

I'm going to make a note on my site and syndicate to twitter and facebook, or even to medium

here is my post on my site:

oh wow, look at all these people responding! The demo works.

it uses my short url which I had to talk to a Romanian bank to get

IndieAuth works by linking form your own site to twitter github etc and back, to prove it is you

this presentation is hosted on my own site, so I don't have to worry about someone deleting it

Do you remember geocities? Myspace? Upcoming? posterous? Gowalla? Lavabit? did your stuff vanish?

when sites die, they can be nice like posterous, and let you get your data back. Or they can be like AOL hometoen

When AOL Hometown shut down they didn't email people, they put a notice on the Hometown site, which no-one went to

one poor AOL hometown user posted "fortunately I saved my website to geocities"

we're all sharecropping on these sites like facebook

here is my favourite version of twitter ( c. 2008) - when the site UI changes it's like my house being rearranged

We're losing ownership up Maslow's hierarchy- we're now renting out self actualization from social networks

back in 2003 people were making their own (weird, quirky) websites, and learning about the web

back in 2003 we had blogs and our own domains to host our identity, and they learned to code with their blogs

blog software let you adapt your site if you knew how to code, or write if you didn't

the RSS and Atom wars happened, and we ended up with Friendster, facebook, myspace and twitter

these social network sites unified the reading and writing experiences, because reading feeds got hard

there was a thing called pingback and trackback that was machine-generated to show links - it got full of spam

there is not a lot of personal blog activity - WordPress is dominant, medium has some too

Medium did have some terms of service that were worrying - they could use your content forever, that got fixed

now short status update are an acceptable form of content, but we need to own our own data

back in 2008 @blaine and Ralph Meijer stayed up all night at Foo camp and got twitter talking to jaiku

in 2010 at the Federeted Social Web Summit, @aaronpk and @t and I realised that standards came after working code

A lot of times standards happen because somebody makes a temporary solution, and then get lost in committees

@t and @aaronpk and I decided to make IndieWebCamp - show don't tell; creators only; your own domain name to come

to register for IndieWebCamp, you had to have your own domain name, log in with OpenID and use mediawiki

this meant we had people who came who could cope with things that were messy

The problem with all the standards people is that they fight on mailing lists, so IndieWeb has no mailing lists

instead of a mailing list we have IRC, so we can use the Loqi bot to send them a message for later

when there is enough stuff in the IRC, someone will document it on a wiki page

I asked Brad Cunningham why wikis work and he said that error pages become opportunities to fix things

@baline says when stories win over implementations, the best storyteller wins, not the best solution

Principles: POSSE Publish Own Site, Share Elsewhere

if POSSE isn't possible, use PESOS - Post Elsewhere, Share to Own Site - it's a bandaid created WebMention - if you mention a post you can tell them to look it up and show it on their site

We added IndieWeb Event RSVP so we can get RSVPs back from facebook too

We need an IndieWeb because you might lose photos and files, if the site shuts down, gets bought or changes ToS

IndieWeb is Freedom - to decide what to post and where to share it

Homestead, don't Sharecrop! - have a home for your own data, that can't be taken from you

the community has built a lot of tools, many open source so you cna set these up

What to do? Own your Own domain - they're cheap

Join the indieweb IRC channel:

come to an indiewebcamp next is in NYC april 26-27

Julie Ann Horvath:

putting your content in silos is like having a bunch of ex-boyfriends who won't give your stuff back

we're going to take questions from the audience, I'll repeat

audience q:where did you get your socks?

Amber Case:

they're from japan, and they feature capybaras which are awesome animals in a hottub in japan

Julie Ann Horvath:

audience q: are these technologies at the point where your grandmother could use them?

Amber Case:

I'm glad you asked, I prepared an answer at for people who cna join in

as we go through these generations of communities, we grow more people and make it more formal and easier

I'm giving you a sneak peek into an immature technology that is growing slowly

Julie Ann Horvath:

audience q: how do terms of service handle pulling comments form other sites?

Amber Case:

it can get complicated - we are trying to get comments back from instagram at the moment, and they don't let us yet

it works on most sites, but they can change the terms of service to stop you getting it back

The web is a big mess - it always has been, but ToS makes it a worse mess