Homebrew Website Club

Kevin Marks:

It's homebrew website club time, get ready

Tantek Çelik:

welcome to Homebrew Website Club at Mozilla - you can always check when it is at https://indieweb.org/next-hwc

Nuremberg has a Homebrew Website club on the alternate weeks from us

August 27-28 we have an Indiewebcamp New York City - the 2nd this year. Hopefully there won't be a blizzard this time.

London and Brighton both had Homebrew Website Clubs earlier today - Göteborg is on summer break

I added a minor thing on my website - I did my first bookmark post http://tantek.com/2016/209/t2/sf-webpeople-personalsites-indieweb with book mark emoji

because I linked to Indienews https://news.indieweb.org/en - the post shows up on Indienews, the indie hacker news

it shows up because I sent a webmention to indienews - webmention is general and different sites can interpret the meaning

indienews is decentralized hacker news

Johannes Ernst:

I have been making my own linux distro UBOS meant to make sysadmin easier for you

so for example it take s a single commmand to install @withknown - and a single command to update the whole thing

I now have mattermost which is an open source slack implementation you can install

we also have wordpress with the indieweb plugins and mediawiki

we also have one-click offsite encrypted back up - it will zip up the whole server and put it on amazon s3

so you can run one command on raspberry pi and one on amazon and move your entire server.

it can now set up a website and get an ssl cert in one go

there is an Amazon ec2 image and a virtualbox image if you want to try it

Kevin Marks:

explaining how to livetweet myself, hoping someone will do it for me

Jake Hartnell:

I'm Jake and my site is http://commongarden.org

I'm really intersted in giving people more control over IoT

http://commongarden.org is about giving people more control over agriculture

set up your own IoT server that lets you set up control over watering, lighting and pH for growing

we started a project called GrowIoT -so you have control

there is a bunch of bullshit out there that makes you go through their servers every time, we want you to control

there is a Tessel 2 board designed to make this easier

GrowIoT is a meteor app at the moment, based on w3c's Web of things framework, using JSON representations

the idea is to have a general UI and see data streaming in and put data into a database you own

Johannes Ernst:

I want to have it on ubox - how do I get it?

Jake Hartnell:

yes, we can make that work

Johannes Ernst:

There was a thing today where a cat feeder company server went down, so cats aren't getting fed

Jake Hartnell:

we're working with companies who are growing things like algae - they want their own data sets

I'm growing a redwood tree in hydroponics - when they start out they are really tiny

actually, a tree is a really good investment - if you start from seeds trees double in price every 2 years

it's not as simple as just turning things on and off - hysteresis is a big thing here


http://teach.kqed.org/ is a community space powered by Known, and there are more coming

the way you pass courses is by posting on a social network, and comments are all indieweb

Known is good for groups of people who either need to publish publicly or privately

there is a lot of value in building communities, and it's not in opposition t people having their own sites

also Known is hiring a PHP developer - so if you want to build communities on known contact us

Tantek Çelik:

I have stickers fresh from portland - come get them

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