IndieWeb Summit Portland

Tantek Çelik:

welcome to the indiewebcamp summit - this is our website

you may notice that we have a new logo - @veganstraightedge redesigned @crystalbeasley's original

we started out with "Show don't tell" "scratch your own itch" and "self-dogfooding"

the real point is that it's your site, you are in control and you can do what you want with it

all of this starts with one goal: self-empowerment. As we achieve different levels of that we can spread empowerment

we encourage everyone to share what they have built whether on our wiki or a open source code on github or wherever

we have a set of open formats which we have incubated and dogfooded ourselves, and then take them to standards bodies

one of these is Webmention, which is now a w3c Candidate Recommendation well done @aaronpk

webmention is out looking for implementations, and you can test yours at

another spec, Micropub for posting to your site is a w3C Editors draft

another great indieweb tool is which will connect your site to the social silos so non-indie people can see

this is a photo I posted last week of homebrew website club with people tags on

with my photo was copied to flickr and facebook

and the facebook one had the person tags come through intact thanks to bridgy remapping them

we have over 1000 users on the wiki and there are tens of 1000s of indieweb sites that are actively deploying building blocks

many of those users are on - so we have grown by 10x each year the number of indieweb sites

we're probably at defcon3 for a large wbmention spam attack, so implementing would be good

here's a video of indieweb passing the SWAT0 test last year:

the key thing this weekend is make something, anything for your own site, however small

and talk to people and see how you can collaborate - code, design, copywriting - work together

don't let the pursuit of perfection stop you making progress. get something working, show it, iterate

Ben Werdmüller:

hi everyone - I'm Ben Werdmüller - my website is which took me a year to realise people saw as weirdo

I am going to post a short note:

Aaron Parecki:

so I have a bookmarklet in the browser that lets me reply to ben by clicking a link:

and now you can see that my reply shows up on his site too:

I post other things on my site, eg last nights sleep: so you can see I may be a bit cranky today

I also post my cycle rides:

Ben Werdmüller:

I'm going to reply on my site and link to aaron's, but not share it to twitter this time

I'm not logging bike rides, but I am going to check in here: and could share to foursquare

the idea here is to make owning my own social content seamless, so I don't have to think about it

I have to think about it when I'm writing @withknown, but if you install code you shouldn't have to

now we shouldn't need to check each others' websites all the time to see if they have posted, but Kyle has an answer

Kyle Mahan:

I want to show which is a reader that I wrote for other people's websites

It shows them as a timeline, and has blogposts, short notes, replies and so on

here's a video that emma posted a few days ago, and I can repost that on my site

I can also like things, and reply

and my repost shows up on Emma's site too

You can subscribe to indieweb sites that use microformats for markup, or sites that use older feeds in Atom and RSS

Ben Werdmüller:

part of using the indieweb seamlessly is being able to post from anywhere so I'm posting from my phone

I'm going to post an audio file I recorded earlier via my phone

once it is posted it can be seen anywhere from mobile or desktop browser

one of the things I want to do is video, though doing that with a web browser is hard.

because I have an iphone I can't let you record audio from a web browser, but working on making that better

Aaron Parecki:

I want to show you more about how my reply worked. I don't have a posting ui on my website

I use, but mainly use which is a micropub client I wrote I log in with indieauth

That worked almost too well - I was already logged in so it just worked. let me log out and show the process

so when I am asked to login I get an indieauth prompt asking for posting permissions via micropub

q: if you have static files built from a static site generator, can you still use micropub?

yes you can because people have built tools that let you post to git from micropub

Ben Werdmüller:

you can just use wordpress and add indieweb plugins, or you can use

Tantek Çelik:

I'd like to introduce @dshanske and @willnorris who have made wordpress work

Ben Werdmüller:

There is also that Kyle has built to connect to existing blogging tools like blogger tumblr and wordpress

Aaron Parecki:

there are also tools so you can add webmention support even to a static site

Tantek Çelik:

all of these sites added indieweb features one at a time, and each one gets you something

every thing you do give you one feature - it's not a giant computer sciency stack that requires you change it all

Shane Becker:

you are using http and html on your site already, and all these tools and components built on this

William Madison:

if you think about how the web behaves for a screen reader, it is like using an automated phone system - press 1 for headings

Ben Werdmüller:

My demo of voice bot is using chrome for voice inout and rules on the backend to respond. no machine learning

Aaron Parecki:

what happens if you post a comment and it ends up in these sites, how do you update ro delete?

the webmention spec includes a way to propagate updates and deletes, and tests for that at

Kyle Mahan:

updating text is just sending a webmention again, as the URL is the identifier

Aaron Parecki:

I do want to have posts that only certain people can see - @benwerd and @veganstraightedge have this

comments that are partially private are harder to share

Ben Werdmüller:

Known is it's own open source project you can run

Aaron Parecki:

if you're trying to implement POSSE, how do you do that? Quill just tells your micropub endpoint what to do


I have installed both wordpress and known and known is very good at telling you what you need to install too

Aaron Parecki:

one way to POSSE is to use Publish by adding links which bridgy fills in

the other is which give a common micropub api to multiple silos in a standard form

Eric Drechsel:

My site is and it is built from github

I use to annotate other websites, which goes into a silo

this weekend I am working on camlistore which is good at sucking data in from lots of places

I want to integrate these indieweb protocols with camlistore this weekend


My site is and I want to show off to bring your stuff from silos uses your own login as a browser plugin and pull down just your stuff

what I'm working on right now is a way to bring your reviews back to your site

Emma Kuo:

my site is and notenoughneon everywhere

I use Quill for posting - I don't have my own publishing interface and bridgy publish to posse to twitter,facebook

so her's my post, can you reply to that on your own site or twitter

this posting through my backend to s3 and github

this uses a technique called PURL which uses the HTML of the posts as a content store

William Hale:

My website is indieweb is very new to me, but I've worked on my web site for decades

I started implementing h-entry stuff, but i want to show how I point my links to my profiles

I route profile links through a short link on my own site, but indieauth doesn't follow links like that

Shane Becker:

Who has deployed something to heroku? my url is

I'm building software for myself called darkmatter and github is still a lot of stuff

heroku shipped a feature called a deploy hook - link to from a github repo to deploy

I have a link on my site that lets you deploy your own darkmatter instance

here's my talk on dark matter:

Will Norris:

My site is - there's a soccer player in England called Will Norris and he can't get any url

I use jekyll as my personal site - Id in't to anything fancy - I author all my posts in vim and push markdown

I have a little command line tool for inserting timestamps and one to insert the epoch as a newbase60

I do git push live to create the post - here it is

and I have a command line tool to send the webmentions from the link in my post

I'm using bridgy to do my outbound posse and it is very manual

I've built a lot of go libraries - the go webmention library includes this command line tool

so you don't need a lot of infrastructure to get up and running

David Shanske:

my site is - I do a lot of work on the wordpress indieweb plugins

this theme is called bearbones named after bear in the chatroom who complains about the sparsity of his design

I have my test site where I can do example posts. I can reply to aaron by pasting in his post url

I am going to deploy rel-me links and syndication links as SVG as @kevinmarks keeps annoying me about it


I am Cassie at and @myriadmystic on twitter

my site is wordpress and I need to deploy more indieweb plugins - I post song of the day

on I also have Known running in 2 directories - one is private and one is the content we post on social media

William Madison:

my site is - I lost my vision 3 years ago, and I need tools to help me with it

I need a platform to manage flow, relationships with people - a personal CRM that work when non-sighted

I have hundreds of people in my contacts in gmail, and documents in gdrive that are hard to get to

there si a twitter app for the blind called chicken nugget

with amazon, the screen reader reads everything twice as the image and the link both are marked up

when blind people use a screen reader and go to your website the headers get read out twice

Jim Pick:

My website is and I built serverless which hooks up amazon lambda to your website

I have a tool called lambda comments I'd like to add webmentions

Amy Guy:

I'm Amy and my site is


My site is and I want to talk about how people handle their personal photo storage

Scott Gruber:

my site is and I started trying indieweb a week ago -I'm a web producer not a coder

I was able to gte my RSVP webmention working on the 2016 site

1st time I didn't have my h-card, but the slack channel helped me fix it so I show up at

I wanted to demo to show that the barriers to entry are low, and you can get involved easily

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