Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

Welcome to Homebrew Website Club - this month we have 3 meetings

Webmention is now a Candidate Recommendation for w3c which is kind of a big deal

we incubated and developed webmention in the indieweb community and brought it over to the SocialWG at w3c

we have 27 implementations of webmention already and mow w3c is calling for more: https://www.w3.org/TR/webmention/

if you have a webmention implementation, you can test it at webmention.rocks - both sending and receiving

If you remeber PingBack, there was no test suite for that, so webmention is already better

the other thing that webmention specifies is that you can update and delete comments and mentions too

last week we added a new Homebrew Website Club in Nürnberg - adding to LA, DC, Göteborg, Portland and Brighton

Nürnberg has an amazing photographer @iwontsignuphere who took photos that look so professional

and @iwontsignuphere also has a Nimslo camera that means she can make twitchgifs of people too

Indiewebcamp Summit this weekend has it's own site at http://2016.indieweb.org/ - it's $5 to attend or free if you indie RSVP

apparently $5 is just enough to encourage people to code up RSVP support - look at Emma, Cassie, Kevin, Kyle,

Kevin Marks:

We may need a new RSVP value to mean 'remote attending Yes' -I'm worried I'm using a food slot

Tantek Çelik:

the most individual RSVP was at http://tilde.town/~vilmibm/index.html

we also have a travel assistance fund for under-represented people to come http://2016.indieweb.org/#travel-assistance

you used to RSVP by adding yourself to the wiki page. Now it's a projects list if you want to say more http://indiewebcamp.com/2016/Guest_List

there are 3 events happening in a row http://indiewebcamp.com/events Indiewebcamp, W3C Social Web and decentralisedweb

Kevin Marks:

part of decentralised Web is thinking about replacements for DNS and http

Tantek Çelik:

we assume domain names are a given; they are thinking about layers below what we're worrying about

if they give us a new way to look up a site, we can still decide how to process it and connect it

Kevin Marks:

my hope with decentralised web is to make the composable versus substitable distinction to map ideas to us

Tantek Çelik:

html is the one piece that is going to be very hard to displace

Kevin Marks:

content hashing and URLs are in tension, as what URLs point to are mutable.

Tantek Çelik:

anyone want to demonstrate anything they got working since the last time you were here

Jesus Fernandez:

my site is http://jfrndz.com - I've been playing with a framework called Perfect

Perfect lets you write server-side apps in Swift - I built an IndieAuth handler in it to sign into my site

I my extend this to do private posting; RSVPing to the summit made me want to do private RSVPs

hello whirled:

my site is at http://massless.org/ - I haven't touched it for a while. What's a good starter project?

Jesus Fernandez:

setting up indieauth with rel=me links is a good first thing to do

Tantek Çelik:

if you do that you can log into the wiki

today I took the strikethrough style off the link to my upcoming.org profile

in the last 24 hours @andybaio the creator of upcoming restored all the archives at the original permalinks

so http://upcoming.org/user/6623 now maps to http://archive.upcoming.org/user/6623 - and all my events are back

our last upcoming event was a microformats dinner http://archive.upcoming.org/event/microformats-dinner-8119684

there were also events in the then future like: http://archive.upcoming.org/event/back-to-the-future-ii-5390660

this is a huge feat that andy did - this is an indie site that was built from the ground up to preserve web data

I chose to wear my upcoming t-shirt today from the kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/waxpancake/the-return-of-upcomingorg

as the community grows, we'll build more community sites like this - upcoming is an example

Kevin Marks:

I wanted to show off https://ben.thatmustbe.me/mobilepub/ which is Ben's posting site for micropub that works offline

Tantek Çelik:

andy's twitter is @waxpancake and @upcomingorg is the sites

@andybaio says: For every random jerk trashing you online, there are thousands of people that quietly love you.

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