Indiewebcamp SF Demos

Aaron Parecki:

what I decided to do today was get POSSE working with on my site

I'm going to sign up for with my temp account and authorize it

I added a setting for syndication destinations on my site, which takes micropub endpoints, so I can put the in

I now have the micropub access token stored in my site

now I sign into my local site as me using Quill and quill has discovered this syndication endpoint of

my post worked to my site and it sent it out to twitter too

so I don't need to write twitter, facebook or flickr oath code any more, thanks kyle


I have been getting wordpress comments into Known, learning about php data structures

Comments came in great into known, and then I looked at my mail, and it was all comment notifications

Ryan Barrett:

We talked about POSSE today - bridgy and both will POSSE to your site

I have got a lot of requests to make bridgy publish have mroe features

I have now let you set up bridgy publish that lets you mark up your post for which part to twitter

I add a custom microformat p-bridgy-twitter-content to the post for the twitter excerpt

I customised it manually so I had to duplicate text

next, I want to talk about events. We had 4 different ways to RSVP today web site, eventbrite, mf post, fb

andi galpern:

there was also a way to rsvp on my meetup

Ryan Barrett:

if there is a known venue capacity, the event can keep track of the numbers and decide between waitlist and getting in

What if you issue tickets? you can give them a url to the ticket in the reply to their webmention

as people come in, you get people to indieauth into the website and see their RSVPs

then you don't need a ticket at all - you can just log in

andi galpern:

I throw events for my job - you have to RSVP at eventbrite and pay to get a ticket

Ryan Barrett:

theer are tones of unknown questions here - rsvping and checking tickets - payments are an open question

andi galpern:

could you send the data from eventbrite to your site

Kevin Marks:

you could also use an indieweb checkin on arrival in lieu of a ticket

Bryn Wolf:

I worked out how to do a person tag all on one line - one using tantek who uses bridgy, one alex

I signed up with bridgy and sent a person tag to facebook, and tanetk was notified on facebook, but alex wasn't

Ryan Barrett:

the bugs are entirely bridgy's not Bryn's

Aaron Parecki:

I'm off -see you in portland in june

Bryn Wolf:

I made a new blogpost and sent that to twitter via bridgy and that worked

and I set up rel-me so I can sign into the wiki

Ben Werdmüller:

today I decided that I hate Known, so I'm going to export my known site to wordpress rss

then I go into wordpress- I love wordpress - and import the RSS feed

and look all my posts are now live in wordpress instead of known (though the images are still on known)

just a guy:

I have a double demo: I started on my new webmention endpoint - it doesn't process them but queues them

it returns all the correct headers and status page for the webmention

anyone can sign into my site, but you can't do anything unless you are me

but I can see the queue of pending webmentions, which I may use for moderation

If you send em webmentions I will queue them in text files

Bradley Allen:

My site this morning was a static page on github

now I'm running a node js server on heroku, and I'm posting notes

I have retroactively RSVPd to indiewebcamp

adn them I realised wiht bridgy I can tweet from my website

and so a monster has been created - now I'm running

I started out not thinking what to do from a design point of view

so I learned from tantek to use the day of the year instead of the month

thank you everybody for getting me up and running

Erin Jo Richey:

I don't have anything interactive to show you guys - I have known site and

I haven't sat down and coded a homepage from scratch in ages, so I redesigned my homepage to show more

Benjamin Goering:

this is the page for the event and in order to send an RSVP I needed to do a webmention

so I made a new webmention-discovery tool in node

it will show the endpoint on standard out

I also made a little htp server that will let you discover webmention endpoints

now it is at if you want to try it out

Tantek Çelik:

I have something small to demo, so I'll do that

I try to get design work done by writing things down as I go along in irc or the wiki

while working with kyle and bryn on person tags I came up wiht a way to show how to markup

when you person tag someone with their indieweb site you may want to person tag them on other profiles as well

I made a person link wiht a person emoji and links with t and f, but they come out unlinked

instead I just used the favicons for twitter and facebook, so the person tags go through without the links

not everyone want their personal site and their facebook site correlated

so you should only link to their other profiles if they provide those links from their site

I am going to use those techniques on my site

these favicons are hotlinked from google plus's favicon cache

Kevin Marks:

I didn't complete my plan to have fragmention highlights today - I wrote up the plan at

I do have my webmention endpoint up at and accepting fragmention webmentions

it will also retrive them for a page or domain eg

what I want to do is return a useful version of these in jf2 format so they can be shown on the site

So I started making a python microformats 2 to jf2 translator, which is up at

making tests for it justified the jf2 simplification as not having to end lines with ]}}]}),

as usual I added a live version to unmung,com right down the bottom, to try it out

this will simplify to though that is missing child objects

Ryan Barrett:

I want to give tantek and kyle and andi a big hand for organising

and to tantek, amy, kevin, ben, sandro and the others working on the #socialwg to standardise this

Tantek Çelik:

next homebrew website club is december 16th, back here at mozilla