Homebrew Website Club London

Barry Frost:

welcome to homebrew website club london - I'm Barry and my website is https://barryfrost.com/ usually barryf elsewhere


I'm Tantek Γ‡elik at tantek.com - posting to my site since 2010 - I didn't think twitter would last

Jean M Russell:

I'm Jean and my site is http://jeanmrussell.com


I'm Neil and fairly new to Indieweb - my site is http://doubleloop.net and I post using wordpress and micropub

I use quill and shpub to post - I was syndicating to twitter but I broke that

I've started using mastodon as well

Kevin Marks:

if you go to fed.brid.gy you cna syndicate between your site and mastodon

Calum Ryan:

I'm at https://calumryan.com and have built lots of indieweb tech into my site - syndicate to twitter and FB,

I also pull in Swarm checkins via ownyourswarm.com, and send out webmentions myself

I'll be giving a talk in a coupel fo weeks aimed at people who haven't heard of indieweb


I haven't heard of indieweb before - I understand that you don't want to be bound to a specific platform and I like it


I'm Alex and the only one without a computer - I've been a developer for 10 years, and the web is my passion


I ma working on a site at https://new.avdanov.com - it is in Laravel and is a PWA and works offline too

Tom Morris πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ:

I have http://tommorris.org which I don't post to much - maybe 10-15 times a year

I jumped into the indieweb with great gusto at the first indiewebcamp Brighton, built it on the train back

I spent a lot of time working on checkins, which I don't use, I built reviews which I don't use

I wrote short notes syndicated to twitter, but I don't use it much because people don't like 140 chars of 200

I spend more time in silos like facebook, whatsapp and private chat and less time on the public internet 'cos Nazis

I may rebuild my site as more of a structured reference - I am not sure what I want to do with it

I do post music - currently playing - mostly mixes


I have http://tantek.com/#recent-articles for my longer posts

Kevin Marks:

I have recent publications for my external posts http://www.kevinmarks.com/#Publications, but kevimarks.com is long things

my shorteer notes are at known.kevinmarks.com

I posted http://www.kevinmarks.com/twitternazifilter.html about Twitter's secret nazi filer, and it has lots of replies

which show up on my site due to brid.gy

Barry Frost:

I have been using untappd to check in when I drink beers - which goes to Swarm, so ends up at my site

I checked into a micropub using micropub! - I'd like to bring the beers in too

I got microformats into the default theme for jekyll, and has been approved, but not merged to master yet

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