IndieWeb Summit Portland Demos

Aaron Parecki:

we're going to demo what we've done this weekend at #indiewebsummit - 5 minutes each

Shane Becker:

My url is - get your stickers of the new logo that I designed based on @crystalbeasley

I published a series of blogposts that I've been writing for a while. I still plan to start a podcast is the table of contents for my article series

the 1st 5 are What Where When How and Who of the indieweb

I syndicated them all to tumblr, wordpress and medium too and linked back as canonical

the medjum ones like get the built-in canonical link back too

I like it that people have been writing longer form pieces again, and keep it up

M Edward/Ed Borasky:

I'm writing my book on line, so I added webmentions and bridgy

If you link to my book, on that URL I should see it.

Emma Kuo:

My site is this is thready - a proof co concept of indieweb crawling technology

with indieweb readers you only see a small portion of a thread - I only see 3 posts in this thread

If I paste any of the links from these posts in her it will crawl the whole thread and sort by date

so you can see the entire thread [applause] Code is at

gRegor Morrill:

my website is and I wanted to add local search my site today

so I can find all my portland posts with

Lillian Karabaic:

my url is - last year I tried to redesign my whole site, this year just the front page

this morning I checked on and I hadn't changed my front page since 2012

so I updated it so it isn't just 8 year ago pictures, and now it has accurate contact info

Kyle Mahan:

my site is - my goal was to add a service worker to

it loaded the service worker, when I'm offline instead of an error it says "I'm offline and it feels so good"

If I'm on my phone when I open woodwind a couple of times, it prompts me to add to homescreen

then it pops up on the homescreen as an app and loads this sweet app-looking thing

next is adding offline reading and commenting, but that's as far as I got today

Sandro Hawke:

My name is Sandro and I have a lot of URL but is good enough

I gathered Kyle and Amy and Aaron's likes to look for like-of and rel="prev"

I sorted by liked by all 3, 2 or 1 and this is the top 20


my url is and I wanted to auto-deploy when I edit it

I added a post receive hook to add a ruby script that updates the code then sends webmentions

I check if any new posts are in the feed and if so I send webmentions for the post


I'm Cassie and my url but I worked on today

this morning the images didn't look right on, and now it works and shows images

Jesus Fernandez:

I'm Jesus, my url is

I worked on improving my jekyll workflows. I moved all my images and media assets into git lfs

I now have full timestamps wiht timezones, not just dates

Jim Pick:

I surveyed attendees to work out #indeweb best practices for urls and hosting

the most common thing was "don't use godaddy" - the next most common was "it depends"

if you have your own domain name you can start with tumblr or something, then switch it later

wordpress was quite a common thing; jekyll and other static sites were considered a bit more advanced

more advanced things like webmention and micropub were next on the list

my notes are at

David Shanske:

my site is at and I did something boring today

I updated the webmention endpoint URL so that if you call it without parameters it gives a form instead of an error

Julie Anne Noying:

I'm Julie of and I took photos of you all and put them on my flickr

yesterdays photos are at

Aaron Parecki:

I'm at - my orignal plan was to screenshot my bookmarks

but instead I update teacup to upload photos because we need more photos of food online

here's a photo of my coffee from this afternoon

my bookmarks now look like this because I grab screenshots

sometimes I get blank images, which I think is javascript problems

it renders webpages to pdf and shows them

Tantek Çelik:

I'm tantek and this is William Madison of

William pointed out that we had very bad alt text on our homepage, so now they read better

none of the content was marked up well, it was all <b> and <br> - so now they are h3's

William Madison:

changing to h3's meant that I get the ability to navigate and know what is to come

my screen reader is Talkback on android

Tantek Çelik:

I heard talkback reading back 'column 1 row 1' - it was a table. So we fixed it and it is pure CSS

I know a little bit about CSS so that helped.

William Madison:

then we got to homebrew website club, and we got a picture that didn't tell me anything

Tantek Çelik:

we used mediawiki's default way of linking to an image, and it was the name of the image - so the img is now below text

and then we did one more thing

William Madison:

link 1, what did it mean? then link 2 - but why would I want to click on that?

if you put a link in with brackets around it, mediawiki maeks it [1] but it reads out as link 1

read all will read up to a link and then stop. Wikipedia is bad at this as it footnotes all the links

Tantek Çelik:

so we cut the redundant links from the homepage - we changed the alt of the photo to not repeat the caption

so we changed alt text to 'photo of past event' and then read the caption.

William Madison:

Then I could click to the event, if i wanted to, but knew it was not the last event

Tantek Çelik:

so we should put some guidlines up on how to author the wiki text for accessibility

but these accesibility edits improved the home page for everyone

Lillian Karabaic:

there is also a plugin for wordpress wp-accesibility that adds accessibility info

Tantek Çelik:

the learning I got from this was to edit the alt text to make sense in context fo text before and after it

William Madison:

1 things for apps - If you're on android install 'accessibility screener' by google and it will warn you

Scott Gruber:

I'm at I was working on post types for articles and notes

I was able to sign in to the wiki with my domain, and add microformats on my articles and notes

I added a related articles link to match articles with the same category

I was able to validate my pages with

Kyle Mahan:

Bridgy is a tool for sucking back your responses from social network sites back to your own site

@snarfed posted stats: bridgy has >3k users, ~500k webmentions sent (successfully) to ~1k unique domains,

and @snarfed said >4M responses handled (likes, comments etc), 13k POSSEs, total cost of ~$.01/user/month

here's his link

Tantek Çelik:

those were some really good demos built in a day - great job everyone

Aaron Parecki:

there are some indiewebcamp t-shirts left in medium for $20/each - we will do another run

Tantek Çelik:

the next indiewebcamp is on August 27-28 in New York City

nothing is yet planned for July, but if someone wants to organise an indiewebcamp go to

Ben Werdmüller:

I thought there was one in Edinburgh but I may be making that up

David Shanske:

Please come to indiewebcamp New York - @t showed up last time

Tantek Çelik:

last time there was a snowstorm

David Shanske:

I can almost guarantee there won't be a snowstorm in New York in August

Strangely enough, a lot of airlines fly to New York - you can get there from most places

Shane Becker:

LA is warm in november when nowhere else is so come to Indiewebcamp there

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