Homebrew Website Club

Jean M Russell:

we need more zines - bring them back too

Stacey DePolo:

"you can't see the label from inside the jar"

Shawn Pfunder:

my domain is pfunk.co - I kept running into a problem of not writing so I made a 200 word constraint

I have an index link for tags, and a table of contents for posts so it is more librarian styled

see plunk.co/tag/assholes for my essay on rabbits knowing how to travel

so now I've shared, do I have to write again?

Kevin Marks:

well, you have 2 weeks

Stacey DePolo:

closing tabs is very cathartic

Kevin Marks:

I found that AngelList supports rel="me" links on the profile, so I added the link to https://angel.co/kevinmarks

but @angellist have an antipathy to open web, so the rel="me" crawler gets blocked by their site

Ben Werdmüller:

My site bot.werd.io is now my self-hosted siri that represents me

- if you say "where are you" it gives you my last checkin

"what's new" gives my latest social media post - my bot represents me

Jean M Russell:

there's a virtual representation of you thatI can ask things?

Ben Werdmüller:

and if we all had one, they couldl talk to each other

Jean M Russell:

if I had a bot that said "I will be busy then" that would be really useful

Ben Werdmüller:

the idea is to create a self-hosted siri-esque thing that tells me what my friends have published publicly

the firts thing I want to make i letting anybody provide answers for the bot

Stacey DePolo:

where are the answers coming from now?

Ben Werdmüller:

I have wired up a lot of services to answer questions already

Tantek Çelik:

"who are you" - ben's bot "I am the robot version of Ben"

I changed my site to have published dates set by default in seconds, rather than by hand

and to have a separate created date for when I started writing it

Kyle Mahan:

silo.pub is a name that kevin came up with so I implemented it - it shares your stuff to silos

I updated silo.pub to post images to endpoints, as @aaronpk asked for that

if you sign into silo.pub, you can then use that with quill.p3k.io or woodwind.xyz to post to your site

Jean M Russell:

how do you make pooping OK? Unicorns and soft serve

I don't have code to share - I have help I need

I am publishing this book next week, and now I need to make a website from the essays

references are not listed in the back of the book - they are on the website with the glossary

the problem I need solved is where are the references live - how we keep them growing

the site is cultivatingflows.com - how do I link it

I can do linking - I have the glossary as a list of links now

Tantek Çelik:

Indiewebcamp Brighton was awesome - we had lots of talks and some interesting new demos https://indieweb.org/2016/Brighton

the direct messaging/ private webmentions resulted in a spec by @aaronpk for this

that's what a link shortener does, it makes your tweets smell. Why would you do that?

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