Demo Day

Corey Ford:

Now is the time for lots and lots of experiments

Matter V is six companies changing media for good

I want you to meet each other and do what we call creating intentional serendipity

Matter has now invested in nuzzel by Jonathan Abrams

We also put teams from media partners alongside our entrepreneur teams

Today I welcome to matter our 9th media partner, Tribune Publishing

Everything we've done to date has been with 2 full time people, but we are now a team of 5

These companies have been doing what I like to call the drunken walk of the entrepreneur


Let me introduce you to Ashley, a new mother who from her instagram feed looks like she has it down

Really, she thinks her baby has colic, she fears returning to work and feels alone

When Ashley finds she finds a site ready for millennial mothers

Once she logs in she sees her personal bundle, articles tuned for her stage of motherhood and her place

While motherhood can feel like a lonely journey, it is a predictable process

This month the first digitally native cohort to become moms is poised for exponential growtg

In addition to our entrepreneurial experience we have six children under the age of four


2016 will be the year when live streaming explodes into the music space

Periscope is built for spontaneous news, not musicians, it's hard to plug instruments into iPhones

Twitch is built for gaming, not for music and the site feels wrong

Huzza is like a Twitch for live music

Devin from Seattle is here live now [allegedly]

Fans want authentic experiences from the artists they love, and that is what they want to pay for

Our site is live at - sign up for our next live stream


It was 3am when we decided to take the plunge. Wevd drop out of Stanford, to sf for the future of storytelling

Verbatm is anew blogging platform with a mobile focus on storytelling

Verbatm makes it very easy to combine media with a simple pinch

I click post and it appears on my feed on verbatm

On verbatm you follow particular channels on a person's feed so you know what the theme is

You have your profile, where you organise your channels

You have your feed where you see what you have chosen to see, and you can share out to social media

You often see a feed on fb, and you have to navigate to find the rest. On verbatm you just swipe right for moee

One year from now verbatm will be the destination for blog content on mobile. We launch Jan 15 2016


Over the past 25 years the world has made huge progress in improving infant mortality

When you set out to gather insights, you are stuck in spreadsheets and websites with closed data

Redivis has data and visualisations created by other users, and you can create your own

When you publish your post it becomes part of the redivis feed. By telling your story you bring in your data too

Redivis brings together data and visualisation into a community

We are focusing on users who have access to data, researchers and academics

We will monetize private accounts, external embedding

Metta VR:

We are about to experience the most radical shift in how we consume media since the birth of television b VR

Right now there is no dedicated platform to find our what is happening in the world and experience in vr

In metta Alexa can see the world and where stories are shown in the world

It's a whole new way to engage with the stories that matter

Metta is not just built for large organisations like the associated press and riot media, but individuals too

Today, we have an alpha launch at

We are about to see an explosion of user generated content on consumer 3d cameras

We've made it super easy to share out videos from metta to social platforms

The future is already here and we can't wait to take you there


I'm jenny and I'm Rebecca and we are mingyian

When 100m people are watching the voice and April lavished is still selling out shows. You're in China

Fan culture in China is nothing like we have ever seen

There are 415M millenials in China, but all the social platforms are blocked by the great firewall

Mingyian is the trusted partner for celebrities in China

We've been on th e ground in China for 3 years and have built 70M followers for our celebrities

Mingyian is designed for Western celebrities to share mobile content for a Chinese millennial audience

We have learned how to avoid topics that cause problems in China, like censorship

We are building a meta network of 600+ mobile channels and storefronts where you can seamlessly buy

Corey Ford:

It is my honour to work alongside these scrappy, mission driven entrepreneurs changing media for good