IndieWebCamp SF Wrapup Demos

Scott Jenson:

I have achieved a lot this weekend - I have cleaned up in wordpress and got indie stuff working

I redesigned 'what is the indieweb' with: your content is safe; you are better connected; you are in control

Darius C. Dunlap:

I got evil tantek with full roundtrip POSSE on

I am working on SSL setup and makeing notes on how to do it on the wiki as I go

Ryan Barrett:

we've been talking about people focused communication - so instead of having apps you have website with contacts

we are all going to choose different formatting for the 'contact me these ways' but I want consistent design

I have a browser user script and user style that gives the same icons everywhere on everyone's sites

most of you know - it pulls comments and likes back to your site - I want to do the other direction too

so at I have a webmention handler it will figure out your post and POSSE into silos

I am making a like on my site that points to a a tweet and add a link to

similarly I can publish an RSVP link back to Facebook

so I favorited this tweet and RSVP

and I RSVP'd to this facebook event via posting on my own site

if you send a webmention for this post URL you will cause a favorite on twitter or like/RSVP on FB

this is alpha, I have no docs yet. try it on


I want to demo addressibility - this is an http server in 14 lines

by addressing the SHA384 sum off the file I get the file itself back

Mark Hendrickson:

I have a project that backs up your posts from silos like twitter and fb, and foursquare

first asheville syncs your content on a server like dropbox, google drive, then makes an API for it for you

I'm using the APIs that they provide to download your content onto your dropbox

you can create a centralising machine to get your content back home

I want to make my website powered by asheville to show all my stuff

Scott Jenson:

mobiles aren't always ready, so occasionally I'll post to twitter in a moment of weakness, so asheville will tidy up

Amber Case:

I had a really fun time making comics about the indieweb

the first session we had was about different indieweb generations - people complaining about wht went wrong

how I made a comic in a few hours - I used which has character libraries to use

then I imported the characters into omnigraffle and imported some comic bubbles

also I made a new wiki page called Barriers to categorise people and their approch to the indieweb

I think of it as 4 generations - from coder to end-user and map through the stages for each

generation 1 is the developers like us who make custom blogging systems and can spawn code

generation 2 is people like @dangillmor and @scottros who own their domains and post, now they get the conversation

Generation 3 have a domain and 3rd party hosting - setting up a name server

Generation 4 have never bought a domain, and only used 3rd party software. you're slinging zipfiles at their brain

we need each of these generations to explain to the next one down - we want an incremental approach

Darius C. Dunlap:

I'm thinking about what it would be like to do a full posse for the non-profit my wife runs, as she does it by hand

Scott Jenson:

I set up POSSE, but ti was on a hair-trigger - every edit sent a new update

Tantek Çelik:

we should look at things that are successful - how do you make buying and using a domain as easy as a cellphone?

Kevin Marks:

that put a superbowl ad up to buy a domain and configure is a marker for this - reach out

Darius C. Dunlap:

squarespace have a dev api - not sure what it is

Aaron Parecki:

I now have a live demo of - it does one test photo

first you authorize your own domain with indieauth and micropub, then you auth in with instagram, and it gets 1 photo

at this point you need to handle posting a photo to your site

and it made this post: of this photo

once I get this working I can make any photo I post on Instagram come back to my site

I'm waiting for instagram to whitelist me to post comments to make this work fully

Kyle Mahan:

I'm new to this - I came to the wiki and then tried to implement it from scratch from the wiki

i was working with brid,gy, trying to get things done within each 10 minute update cycle

Ryan Barrett:

@kyle_wm is the first contributor other than me -he added support for Show Original on facebook

Tantek Çelik:

I started out with this blogpost I have a habit of writing before building - must be w3c habits

I then made anew blogpost documenting my idea then mockups to tell a story

a lor of this work was already on the wiki, so I made a narrative flow to help explain it

we do work on our own sites, but narrating it for other people too is also useful

Kevin Marks:

I tried to use the site today, and it was far to dry to make sense of. this narrative is needed

I have a number showing how many characters are left

Tantek Çelik:

kevin is the first person to run the cassis code in javascript not php

Kevin Marks:

I started making work with micropub, but I didn't get it potted from PHP to node yet


I like the indieweb, but I am a curmudgeon who doesn't want to post online. But can I be involved in private messaging

with a static site of my own, I can sign into and see a private message for me

I don't have anything on my site. this is like receiving a dm on twitter without a twitter account at all

I'd like to receive webmentions, but I don't have a thing to receive them

If I curl with a source and a target to me webmention url, it outputs to standard error and I can check notifications

I can parse the error log of my webhost to notify myself

Tantek Çelik:

the next indiewebcamp is April 26-27 in NYC, hosted by the New York Times - we need sponsors