Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

the only topic for tonight's meeting is 2017-01-01 commitments - stuff to get built by new year

they're pre-new year resolutions - stuff to get done by 2017-01-01 on your website so you can do things there in the new year

this started back in 2009 when I committed to post to my own site first from 2010, and we did some for 2015 as a group

this year we have a lot of interesting commitments listed at https://indieweb.org/2017-01-01-commitments

I already have notes, replies, favorites, photos - this year I want to own all my RSVPs on my site

At the moment I am manually reposting the RSVPs to the silos as wel


imagine if you had been using meetup for events, and you lost all your history

Tantek Çelik:

so tonight's event is posted at http://known.kevinmarks.com/2016/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-2016-12-28 and I RSVPd at http://tantek.com/2016/355/t2/homebrew-website-club-mozsf

Brid.gy will see the facebook URLs and RSVP there as well

in IRC you can ask 'what is Bridgy?' and Loqi will answer with a definition: http://indieweb.org/irc/2016-12-28/line/1482980959

my next step is to look for my RSVPs and get the event details back from them - parsing the remote event

the other thing going on this week is @aaronpk's 100 days of indieweb idea: https://indieweb.org/100DaysOfIndieWeb

he has decided to make 100 days of visible improvements to his indieweb sites: https://aaronparecki.com/tag/100daysofindieweb

also @aaronpk is doing 100 days of music too, composing and publishing a piece each day as a video: https://aaronparecki.com/tag/100daysofmusic

Stacey DePolo:

is there a non-silo'd option for posting video or audio?

Tantek Çelik:

archive.org allows you to upload video or audio that you created

Kevin Marks:

archive.org wants you to upload creative commons content, so they will host that for you.

Tantek Çelik:

so #100daysofindieweb seems much less hard than composing music every day

there are lots of 100 days things we could do - like 100 days of closing tabs

how about 100 days of contributing to wikipedia? You could just take photos of things and contribute those to wikimedia

how about 100 days of deleting accounts? I bet I have 100 accounts on websites I don't need

100 days of deleting apps that you don't need?

100 days of charity donations - post one every day

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