Homebrew Website Club


I'm at kylewm.com - I've been working on a reader at reader.kylewm.com which was just for but got users

it's a basic reader that only polls once an hour, but I'm finding it useful

I was thinking about adopting publishing your subscriptions on your own site so you could move between readers

Kevin Marks:

I'm still hacking on svgur.com which lets you uplaod svg's to embed.

Ryan Barrett:

I shipped a few things - micropub for wordpress being one - I'm not good at PHP or wordpress, but it works

I shipped ownyourcheckins like ownyourgram, to PESOS checkins

we may need to remove facebook publish from brid.gy as we don't get consistent facebook post ids from API 2.0

The Indieweb assumption is that POSSE is the 'right' way to do it - PESOS is 2nd class - for likes/retweets this is less true - 1 or 2 taps for them

to do an indie like or retweet is noticably more effort than the silo way, especially if it's just a silo post

so ownyourresponses pulls the silo likes and responses and posts via micropub

if you do the action in the silo and the indiepost shows up in seconds is that bad?

Kevin Marks:

it may discourage you from liking non-silo posts though?

Ben Werdmüller:

I don't end up interacting with google+ posts because it is effort, I'd like it in a reader ui that is shared

Ryan Barrett:

if you see an instagram photo that you want to like in your reader, it is still a lot of taps

in principle the indiereader could do one tap likes, but in practice it is harder.

Kevin Marks:

i use the twitter client more than the known client, so this is a useful thing to do.

Ben Werdmüller:

fun with APIs - since last time we can connect to infinite accounts on each silo -users on twitter, accounts+pages on fb

having an enormous amount of fun with the facebook api - trying to get OG tags to share an image from the post

we have to prime the fb cache with the image to know that it will show up - but it is not deterministic

we got whitelisted for twitter cards too, which is positive

our free users will get twitter cards but the whitelisting is per domain so won't work for custom domain users

every time I remember to post to google+ I get great responses

Joshua Duran:

I want to promote freemount.com - I can now tell the user running the fileserver and an anon user,

you will be able to use the filesystem as an API too

Erin Jo Richey:

People were asking me why I have so many domains - I deleted a lot of things that I need to bring back

my site is erinjo.is because at the time Known didn't support other domains, so I can fix this soon

I learned that adblock can kill fonts - the adblockers destroy the social icons font we are using

when we have the buttons to connect to social networks, adblockers remove the twitter/fb buttons

Ben Werdmüller:

the block lists are published by the adblockers and they charge to be removed

we need to change the way syndication works with a preview and post ui