My First Website

The first packets sent on what was to become the Internet happened 45 years ago today:

The very first transmission on the ARPANET, on October 29, 1969, was the logon from UCLA to SRI.

The first website was posted earlier, but the w3c was founded 20 years ago today too., and there is a gala celebration this afternoon.

This made me think about my first website, so I went looking in the Internet Archive (which was redesigned for the first time in years today too). I found the company website for MultiMedia Corporation from 1997 - note the stylish design by Nikki Barton, the trendy monospaced text and the manually constructed company news blog.

However, hidden away were staff homepages - under tilde as recently revived by, and in there is my first webpage:

Now archived here too.

I put this up sometime after Andrew's birth in April 1995, before Christopher's in December 1996, and never did update it, despite the promise there.

What was your first website?