SF Music Tech 2014

Brewster Kahle:

We want to build an archive of CDs before they disappear audio+ also inserts- if you're interested contact me

We're launching the Authors Alliance tomorrow night at the Archive - free event https://blog.archive.org/2014/05/15/authors-alliance-launch-at-internet-archive-may-21/


we have a practice instrument you can take anywhere, that plays guitar, violin through your phone


we have an app that replaces singles with a social follow inside our app with music, pix and lyrics

Julian Colbeck:

If you'd told me in 1995 that I'd pay five quid for a coffee + music would be free I'd have what you're smoking

Axwave Inc.:

we listen to sound all the time on your device and identify what is on TV giving you information about it

music and sound recognition can be used for free, but we will target ads based on them for you

we have a server farm in SJ that records every TV station and radio channel int he US so we can recognise them

Katie McMahon:

SoundHound listens to audio and tells you what it is, even if you just sing-hum it to us

you can now get the earworm out of your head and into a link to share with friends

Jeff Annison:

who here collected vinyl? CDs? Tapes? [lots of hands] there's a generation now who won't have this joy of collection

what we do is sell shares in songs so fans can collect them. They aren't actual stock certs but are limited editions

Make Audio Apps:

we have an open source toolkit that lets you wire up an audio app in HTML and generate an xcode app