IndieWeb Camp MIT

Aaron Parecki:

Hello Indiewebcamp MIT - we're going to do demos now

Kevin is going to livetweet this so if you have a phone you may get bombarded with @ mentions

Sandro Hawke:

I'm Sandro Hawke I have lots of websites including

what stops me from having a website is that I have lots of different websites

I migrated all my tweets from twitter to my w3 site

on I load all my tweets from my export via javascript

twitters data export is very nice, especially compared to facebook which I couldn't make sense of

there is metadata in the link saying what the real link is so I converted it to use that


I'm Cassie, my main site is, but I have been working on

the blog is still running known, but the pages are now in wordpress

Ann Bassetti:

I got my own site up and running on Known, and hooked up to twitter @annbass

I'm running my own instance of on dreamhost

I set up my own site so people can learn how to keep their own parent at home when they need assistance

I'm using known and have set up to connect to twitter

I have a lot of posts to write, and I need to organise them, probably using tags

Ben Roberts:

I'm Ben and my site is if you got ot it picks a random ben for you

I got fed up with Cordova's complete lack of documentation so worked on my web posting UI instead

I added offline storage of drafts so I can edit things offline and then submit the stored post when I get online

I can save multiple offline posts, and it stores the time when you hit save, not when you posted

Sandro Hawke:

satra had to leave early, but is built on the SoLiD platform

it should allow other people to log in, but I don't have certificates. it looks pretty


I'm tantek of and I spent most of indiewebcamp documenting events and how to model them

I wanted to model birthdays in a useful way as that is a strong case for facebook so we can make them distributed

thre is information at on our thinking on how to share these

we also spent time working out how to model events with invitations, and the ui is tricky to get right

if anyone has libraries for simple natural language event parsing I'd like to hear about them

I took time to document how facebook's event mobile UI which has regressed from 2014

I have changed how photos work on my site - I want interactions on both silo copies to come to one post

before I couldn't do multiple copies to the same silo; now there are 2 of them

If it's the same content, I want it to be the same permalink


I manage a website for a band, and I get it set up on Drupal, moving from Joomla

I found it really easy to put photos up with a block of text and customise it

Aaron Parecki:

I'm Aaron of - I had intended to work onevent presentation and event UI

but i got event presentation working

on I have events show for multi-day events - it show start time, location and city

if you click on an event you see more information, including RSVPs and mentions eg

the other thing I got working last night was getting iOS share action to behave

so this post was sent from my iphone via a share extension to micropub:

now I'm going to try a pano, just to make it harder

what I learned last night was that id didn't work because the images were so big and I hit memory limits on iOS

I found that I need to set the size of the viewport smaller so it doesn't run out of memory


I made a service to send notification to SoLiD servers, which is like webmentions but can have more data

I send a message to Dmitri from my site, the message gets stored in his inbox, and this reader shows it

I'm particuarly happy with this client becaude it works with javascript off, unlike the other SoLiD apps

my page is and dmitri's is


I have been the cobbler with no shoes as I work on web apps but I din't have my own site

I am setting up a wordpress site, but I have it locally now

Marty McClearen:

I'm Marty McClearen, I've spent most of the day getting wordpress set up on

I've had this domain for a while and am glad to get it working, next is to add plugins

Irina Bolychevsky:

I have had a website for really long time, but the content is 2 years out of date

the content is marked up with microformats, and linked so I can log into indiewebcamp with my site

and I set up a user page on the wiki at

you should all check out which is another of my projects

Benjamin Melançon:

I'm Benjamin - I was working on a webmention implementation for Drupal 8, which Jessica demoed

you make any kind of post, anyone should be able to comment by linking to it

Daniel got this working with Vinculum in Drupal 7, and I'm working on it for Drupal 8

you can follow progress on this at


I set up my own site on using Known, but I had config problems with nginx

I get letsencrypt installed, and so will have a cert ready soon


We are talking about platform cooperativism

so what if you had something like Uber but the drivers had ownership and a login on the platform

when it comes to indiewebcamp there are barriers to entry for owning a domain name and paying for hosting

an example of platform cooperativism would be something like where you can offer logins

another example would be Aegir on Drupal

I am a member of Agaric, a worker owned cooperative with 5 owners at the moment

there is which is collecting platforms that promote cooperatives

we're also working on how to convert a startup like entity to members

Aaron Parecki:

Thanks everybody for your demos


There's a lot going on in the standards space at the moment, and we should agree on federation and syntax soon

in the pre-indieweb era of federation there was a lot of concern about security and privacy eg Salmon

We now have some cryptographers looking at the problem of communicating privately in distributed way

one part is key exchange - how you show keys and share changes, and we have signed model with Merkle trees

we're sponsoring a blockchain summerschool too

and looking at a mix-network that is a Tor-like thing to prevent traffic monitoring

I will try to get an indieweb enabled site up over the next day or two

Aaron Parecki:

thanks to everyone for coming, for MIT for hosting, and to NLNet and Sovrn for sponsoring food