Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

I added a few things to the wiki - Indiewebcamp 2015 is only 10 day away in Portland Oregon and Brighton England

barcamp was put together in fewer than 10 days so we could still add more cities

Karthik Prabhu has put together custom style and script per post for his site. This sin something silos don't let you do

what would it mean to put that kind of custom style/script in a post that a Reader could pull out and present to the user?

There's lots of things indieweb users can do on their own sites that silos don't support

Kevin Marks:

I found with the http://www.kevinmarks.com/microformatschema.html post that being able to paste in tabs was useful

Tantek Çelik:

there are posts that are like mini web apps, and it would be nice to use them in readers

Kylo Riley:

there is reader.kylewm.com if you want an indieweb reader

Tantek Çelik:

for styles there is a way to express scoped-style that only applies to a parent and its subtree

we can also say in microformats 'save this whole subtree' with an e- prefix which would keep the style and script

as my post storage format is html I can experiment with scoped style sin it

Karthik pointed out that @kylewmahan does deduplication of posts with their POSSE'd comments and shows the syndicated ones

here's @kylewmahan's deduplicated post https://kylewm.com/2015/06/i-wonder-how-much-this-conversation-is-annoying-kartikprabhu

it is the 2 year anniversary of Google Reader's site-death today

Ryan Barrett:

what kind of reader do you use now?

Tantek Çelik:

I read the irc channels fro indiewebcamp and social; I read facebook's events feed; I will occasionally check twitter

I don't use push notifications for any of these; i deliberately browse instagram

Dan Lyke:

I use rssyl which is a plugin for mail to do feed reading in email all my feeds show there - emailis my primary thing

Kylo Riley:

I use reader.kylewm.com mostly, and brings in twitter and instagram via granary github.com/snarfed/granary

I subscribe to the full twitter feed on there it floods it so I use a list and still chekc twitter

Ryan Barrett:

I use an rss reader called newsblur; my twitter, fb, github notifications go there but I want an offline mobile app

Kevin Marks:

I have been hacking on indiecards and hovercards on unmung.com but nerd-sniped myself into doing layout

is pinch-out the mobile equivalent of hover for desktop?


I have a new project that works with webrecorder at archivethis.website that you cna add a URL

it runs Selenium so it is archiving with Chrome or Safari browser to crawl a website as ti is rendered

this catches things that javascript instantiates on the page as well as the static elements

the code is all on github linked from archivethis.website

Dan Lyke:

the reason Kyle had to send a manual webmention is that I was looking for a vouch parameter and only accepting those