IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf Demos

Joschi Kuphal 吉:

It's Demo time at Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf - live stream at chat at

Aaron Parecki:

I have album posts now on my own site like flickr, which will collect comments

so each photo that is in an album has links to the rest of the album

I started working on the tiled layout of photos for the album - on flickr every row is full width

the secret is that the rows aren't all the same height, os they can make it fit that way

people who build this kind of thing don't tend to make it work without javascript

I'm not going to use flexbox for this - I'm working on laying it out in JS

Tantek Çelik:

the flickr library was open sourced a month ago, and the inputs are all the aspect ratios of the images

Jeremy Keith:

I didn't end up doing what I said I was going to do, but I started fixing plumbing and never stopped

my webmention handling wasn't very good, as I built it on a 15 year old db table for comments

so now I have a custom table that stores responses, likes and so on better

@aaronpk posted a beer yesterday, which now is parsed correctly

I've been using a deprecated twitter call for posting images - so I updated

so the demo that didn't work yesterday now does - it POSSEs to twitter and flickr

Vladimir Andrijevikj:

I did some cleanup and added things to my travel plans to show events at the top

and I made the stays an h-event not an h-card so it had duration too

and I cleaned up the markup

Jeremy Keith:

It's OK to have more than one location for an event - that can be true [ie I'm not in Duusseldorf]

Frederic Marx:

my site uses a static site generator,

medium has a feature where it works out what a link on a line at its own means

for vimeo I don't want to put iframes in my markdown, so I expand links that are embedded

if href== text content I can auto-add richer links

and I have webmentions working too

Emma Hodge:

I had 3 objectives today - organising homepage, layout and fonts, and photos

I have new fonts and played around with layouts, and got photos upload working

I downloaded the Mac github client and atom editor so that I have good tools for my site

Andreas describes himself as a notorious team player and I endorse that description

Matthias Ott:

I am now receiving webmention successfully at

and I have likes and repost parsing working too

I have a webmention sending UI as well

I have a human friendly webmention endpoint here:

Keith Andrews:

I have an html slideshow linked from my talks using rSlidy

for example, i have sides at and I can control with my phone

can also navigate slides by tilting the phone

Glenn Jones:

I had a look at an app called owntracks that runs in the background on the phone as web apps don't do that

this app logs your location and send events when you arrive at a geofenced location

it has a find your friends feature, which uses MQTT to send events that I can tap into

it sends lat long and time out via json to a webhook post

in future I want tot take it a bit further and do chrome notifications SO I can check in from those events

Bastian Allgeier:

I'ma fan of Airtable - a google spreadsheet alternative that gives an api for everything

it has a lot of prebuilt column types and layouts that are useful

now airtable is a hosted service, so I wanted a backend for myself

i wanted to make it file based as that is easier to back up

I define a schema but with column types that are good for online use

the posts end up in YAML files so they are easy to back up

Joschi Kuphal 吉:

I did a lot of tidying up on my site and helped Julie

Julie Anne Noying:

I made my nick name Julie Anne Noying a while ago, and this week a domain name was registered at the bar

Julie Anne Noying:

so now I'm at

I have rel me links to my twitter and flickr and an example photo from my collection

and this post is what @kevinmarks made based on my t-shirt this weekend

Andreas Nebiker:

my site is at

I got h-card working and started to get a service worker installed for offline use

so I show my face on the site when you're offline and replace with updates later

Steffen Rademacker:

I have a service worker set up, and it can bring in infor from elsewhere

I'm now working on my micropub

Martijn van der Ven:

I added h-card to my site as a representative hcard

if you're parsing h-card for phonenumber, I'm using urls so check if that works for youu

I made an endpoint to retrieve pinboard tags for arbirtary URLs


I mostly did plumbing stuff for future posts so I can send webmentions once the post has actually been published

Tantek Çelik:

I got deleting posts working on my site eg is gone, by setting a deleted date

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