F8 live notes

Mark Zuckerberg:

this is going to be a different kind of f8 - in the past we did it when we had a new product to make you change your apps

we're here to provide a stable mobile platform to build grow and monetize your apps [bye bye

The mobile ecosystem is so siloed - the mobile platformsa are all competing #indieweb

as devs we want tools that work across all these mobile platforms. FB's goal is to build the cross-platform platform

all our mobile apps are built on the same platform and APIs that you use for mobile platforms [one thing twitter stopped]

we used to have this famous mantra "move fast and break things" but fixing bugs was slowing us down

now it's "move fast with stable infra" [translation I want to be Microsoft not Yahoo, dammit]

we're introducing a 2 year API stability guarantee [he's not discontinuing Facebook XP]

we're putting People First - we serve Developers, Advertisers, but themost important people are aour users

People want more control over how apps use their data [read FB wants more vetos over apps using your data]

we know some people are scared of pressing the "Login with Facebook" button because an app might do something bad

from now on when you log into an app with facebook you can change line by line what you share with this app

in the past, apps could see not just your data but data friends have shared with you. That will change

for apps to see your friends info, they need to login too [making sure your app can't grow too fast for FB]

We added anonymous login so you can try apps without sharing your identity right away

Ilya Sukhar:

is doing a huge pitch for facebook as a backend

there are times when you connection is really flaky and your phone falls apart, it's just a calculator

we need to make it easier to build offline apps so we added Parse local data store so your queries work well offline

I've been working with the URL for as long as I can remember. It's the fundamental unit of sharing #indieweb

it's a shame that the URL is not really a big deal on mobile [it is on android]

All these apps on mobile are stuck in their own silos [so put them in our silo instead]

when I open up links on my iPad I get stuck in a mobile web browser, why is that?

the world of mobile has no unified way to discover links across platforms [it does, it's called the web]

I'm announcing AppLinks an open standard with open source SDKs to discover and navigate deep links on mobile

got to applinks.org and mark your website up to say what your app URLs are, and we crawl them

The iOS and Android apps we ship now have applinks, so we can deep link into your apps from FB now