Homebrew Website Club

Kyle Mahan:

I had a flurry of activity on my site this week https://kylewm.com - I updated my tweet shortener to autolink

it has a list of all the new TLDs as of Sunday by getting them from ICANN

Tantek Çelik:

I added .space for Lancey to my shortener too - I do it when someone has an indieweb site on a TLD that legitimises it

at first the new TLDs were a layer violation so eg .tel was for vcards

now the TLDs is a kind of passive aggressive takedown of large corporations, so apple had to get .apple

Kyle Mahan:

julien has river.news

the other thing I added was the etag/last-modified stuff prompted by @kevinmarks

Kevin Marks:

you could also just statically generate your atom feed and serve that from the filesystem to get etag/last-modified

I'm realising that my hovercards are pretty inefficient as they are loading lots of iframes statically

so if I have a lot of back and forth discussion they get slow as there is one per hcard link form noterlive

Tantek Çelik:

indieweb updates this week: http://indiewebcamp.com/this-week/2015-09-18.html

one topic last week was abuse via bridgy as twitter via XOXO

Kyle Mahan:

the twitter API does not filter for blocks so you get all the noise in your feed

Tantek Çelik:

and also twitter doesn't filter your own page's comments for your blocks, so you don't see what others do

so my twitter URL is not me - I don't have agency over it as anyone can scribble on it by replying

we're documenting comment problems

as bridgy has access to your blocklist, so could in principle remove the replies you have blocked.

Kevin Marks:

we have a chain from my site to webmention.herokuapp.com to brid.gy to twitter to work out where to block

Tantek Çelik:

what if twitter refused to post replies that are from people who you have blocked?

I also expanded the https://indiewebcamp.com/publics page that @kevinmarks started - understanding Publics

on the indieweb when you post you think of the public of both the post and where it is POSSEd to

but someone who replies to it does not have the sense of the other publics if they just see the POSSE copy of it

Kyle Mahan:

I've had that happen - "why is there a picture of my cat on Google plus?"

bridgy is trying to tell if someone else mentions your site then it is probably not a POSSE copy

Tantek Çelik:

I started to document the specifications that we are implicitly building on at http://indiewebcamp.com/specifications

Kevin Marks:

can we specify these tightly enough that we can have examples and tests for them?

Tantek Çelik:

yes, that is the hope that we can make them consistent between implementations

this is also a place to gather things that we can make consistent enough to submit to standards bodies

we need to think about possible dates for indiewebcamp SF this year https://indiewebcamp.com/2015/planning Nov 14-15?

we're talking about how to reach out to silos and monocultures to make them indieweb friendly and solve problems for them

our indieweb principles now go to 11, as I added Plurality https://indiewebcamp.com/plurality