Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

Welcome to Homebrew Website Club

this last weekend was Indiewebcamp Nürnberg which had a good turnout http://indiewebcamp.com/2016/Nuremberg

A lot of the Nürnberg attendees had been to Indiewebcamp Dusseldorf last year, but about half were new

There were a lot of additions to people's websites and new code read the demos here: http://indiewebcamp.com/2016/Nuremberg/Demos

Pelle @voxpelli got a polyfill for web actions working so you can comment on other sites using your own

A lot of people got service workers and offline pages working for their own sites

We had a very good discussion about homepages and design, which inspired some changes

@adactio added sparklines to his homepage to show activity of different kinds of posts

a lot of homepages were a stream of recent posts; others were more of a bio

I changed my homepage so that when on a narrow screen it links down to the bio stuff at the bottom

there's a new site at webmention.rocks for testing webmention support on your site, as part of the @w3c webmention standards

webmention.rocks is a validator too as it it gives detailed debugging information in the http response

there are 12-13 implementations passing webmention.rocks from ~18 different peopl

There are great photos from IndieWebCamp Nürnberg at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tollwerk/sets/72157664909577964/ by @iwontsignuphere

Homebrew Website Club is a fortnightly catch-up where we talk about what we have done on our sites recently

Indiewebcamp is a 2 day long event wheer we talk about ideas and build new things, usually over a weekend

we just got a venue for a second Indiewebcamp NYC at the end of August http://indiewebcamp.com/2016/NYC2 - tell your NY friends

the co-organiser of IWC NYC , Emma Hodge set up her own site http://emmahodge.org at an indiewebcamp


I'm showing off Patchwork which is like peer-to-peer twitter - it's only on local machines, syncs when they're on

the only persistent identifier is your public key- you can change your name; people can change their name for you

this is built on top of another thing called Secure Scuttlebutt

when I follow a friend on Patchwork I see all the people they follow too

Next week: Internet Identity Workshop XXII #iiw if indieweb people want to come I'll help http://www.internetidentityworkshop.com/

Christopher Allen @christophera is organising Web of Trust 2 in NY on May 21-22 http://www.weboftrust.info/

the UN has a development goal that everyone should have a legal identity by 2020 http://id2020summit.org/

Tantek Çelik:

@BarnabyWalters sang a round with himself using his website as a looper https://waterpigs.co.uk/notes/4goFfB/


I am setting up a site at https://jfrndz.com/, but now it is just a denied page, so it is secure

Katie J:

I just updated my portfolio site at http://www.katiejohnson.me/ during quiet writing hour

Kyle Mahan:

I'm moving deckchairs around on the titanic on my site

I switched my site to Known in January, but i just switched my main site back to redwind, so known.kylewm.com

I accidentally sent out webmentions to a lot of people because I changed URLs, so now we're testing Delete on

Katie J:

Is anyone going to the Grey Area festival this weekend? it's about data visualisation and Art

Kevin Marks:

One of the things going on at IWC Nuremberg was this Sparkline thing. @adactio was using a thing @sil wrote years ago

brilliant thing embeds a script inside of the svg tag; but generated numbers inside the tag weren't so pretty

So I changed it so the URL has the numbers in it, and the script draws it as a polyline

it's really nice if you're posting data on the web, for the data to still be there

(Q: why SVG instead of an regular image?) The nice thing about an SVG is it's really small but scales smoothly

I made svgur.com bc usually to share svgs you have to convert to png and then they'll convert it to a jpeg or something

the nice thing is if you share a link to svgur on Twitter, it generates a bitmap image for the preview

I also updated mention.tech to support the webmention.rocks stuff, which mostly involved simplifying my sending code

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