IndieWebCamp SF Demos

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Aaron Parecki:

if you're not on irc yet it's #indiewebcamp on, instructions at

demo what you have made so far

Tantek Çelik:

one thing I got working since last indiewebcamp is a somewhat responsive design on my homepage

the other thing I changed is the favicon to an icon so it puts your face on your homescreen

Amber Case:

let me show you haw you auth to your own site using your own site delegating via indieauth

I just logged in using my domain name, redirecting via github

I am posting on my own site, and syndicating it out to twitter - this is called POSSE

Ryan Barrett:

people used to discuss in blog comments, but now they do it where they see it. propogates these back

Amber Case:

barnaby responded directly from his site, from iceland and this shows up here

now all the comments on other sites come back to your site

Aaron Parecki:

these ideas are all based on webmentions - is sending webmentions for twitter and facebook

Tantek Çelik:

aaron has implemented this in p3k, and the only other site that does this is facebook [also friendfeed]

you can't get the live comment updates on twitter - we're out innovating the twitter silos

Dan Gillmor:

with a third party client like hootsuite, I can see replies

Tantek Çelik:

You don't see that on an individual post on twitter, but we have this working

Amber Case:

in order to work on a wiki you have to improve the content that is there; this is like that

there are some things that haven't been fully solved - private notes are harder than public

Aaron Parecki:

I want to have a discussion about private messaging as that build on indieauth

Tantek Çelik:

I keep being asked "how can you compete with facebook with thousands of devs?" the answer is, we are

"do you really expect everyone to have their own domain?" - we used to ask this about cellphones and email addresses

when you buy a cell number you are renting it, and domain names are the same - you can move from host to host

you used to ask "why would everyone have their own computer?" now it's "why only one? Why not in your pocket?"

we're at the 1970s Apple I stage - you have to build it yourself but you can get the kit

Amber Case:

social silos are like that greek myth where once you eat from the table you are there forever eating at the table

Tantek Çelik:

mail has been largely abandoned by the hacker community - it's too hard to maintain a mailserver

Aaron Parecki:

the main idea is that it your own domain so you can move the thing behind it ,

Dan Gillmor:

I'm teaching a class, and one requirement is that they get their own domain.

Amber Case:

I was trying to explain this to someone, and the stages that you go through are hard

Dan Gillmor:

I'm working on a new book which will include a chapter about this - say if you're on background

Aaron Parecki:

what if I want to post from my phone, but don't have responsive UI?

we should be able to post to our domains from each others' apps

my demo is to see how to PESOS from instagram, as they don't have a posting API

this site is requesting posting rights via OAuth, but authorization is separate from the token

please don't all stomp on at once, it's still experimental

with IndieAuth, your domain name is your identity

Tantek Çelik:

indieauth is like an email address but without the bit before the @

Aaron Parecki:

there are many ways you can show that you have editing control over your page - you can link back+forth to twitter, G+

anything that has html and OAuth can be made to work. Facebook does this wrong by hiding the HTML in comments

I have implemented SMS and email auth as well as OAUth. I want to get fax working but I don't have a fax machine

indieauth is sending me an SMS with a 4 digit code

I was considering letting the indieauth page be asked for 2 factors and make the user click 2 is one authorization sever - there can be many of these - it's not required to be centralised

Scott Jenson:

I've been experimenting with bluetooth LE chips that broadcast URLs that you can click on from your devices

I'm intentionally making it very visible now, we can make it more discreet

eventually we can put these on zipcars, bikes, museum exhibits easily

once we have bluetooth beaconing on your phones, we can broadcast our indieweb page URLs from our phones

it's a bit like an invisible QR code that doesn't need cameras

Amber Case:

I was wondering about making a messageboard you can access when you are in the area of The Embassy [ping @xeeliz]

Scott Jenson:

there is no party that can't be ruined by security specialists - how do we make public website have varying accessibility

Ryan Barrett:

this is a blogpost on my websites - the comments come from - if I hover over their name it gives their facebook

with twitter comments, I extract their real URL instead of twitter links

look at the comments on and twitter accounts will have real URLs

I'm OK with twitter run things behind the scenes - but we can prefer URLs to twitter handles

the silos do a lot of hard stuff doing massively distributed scalable stuff. we can use them for that

Tantek Çelik:

when Tim BL designed http, URLs and HTML he didn't make them only work with each other, they interoperated with existing tech

it makes a nice slogan "damn the man, fight the silos" but they are handy as plumbing

Will Norris:

this is something I needed for my site which runs on wordpress. I have a love/hate relationship with jetpack

I like jetpacks Photon API that does image mirroring and crawling, but only works with their plugin

so I made my own version of the Photon image API with things that work better for me - mine is all https

they don't support https properly, and use URL query params for resizing which don't cache well, so I made it paths

it lets me resize and flip images and cache the URLs well on my own domain

it was reading @doctorow's Littel Brother that got me to use https for everything

Amazon announced that CloudFront CDN supports SNI so you can do https broadly for free

Ryan Barrett:

I did the all SSL thing a few months ago, and it takes a few hours but is worth it

Johannes Ernst:

I work on a thing that is box you plug into your network at home except it runs a webserver in your house

I have bunch of apps running on my server in the house - own wordpress, our own calendar, not google calendar

when we're not running on a cloud server, people put the truth in their calendars

indiebox provisions databases, configs firewalls it's just one command to install

I want to start a kickstarter project that will deliver 1000 indieboxes that get automated update

i've been running this at home since christmas, haven't lost any data yet. In the longer term I'll add an apps

I want to add a way fro people with indieboxes to install your apps too

i finally got a guy from comcast legal, and he said I can do any webserving as long as it is not commercial

one thing I want to do is VPN, and thus we can then talk to each other over indiebox

one of the scars I carry form OpenID is that we could never get people to upgrade their code at once

Ryan Barrett:

companies don't write ToS and follow to the letter, they use them as an enforcement mechanism

most of the things we want to do the isp's don't care about so we have to establish norms now

Johannes Ernst:

in a few years it will be chromecast sized devices that do this

Kevin Marks:

demoing for the gang

Aaron Parecki:

micropub is the inverse of microformats - instead of consuming the data on the page, you can use an app to create a post

Tantek Çelik:

micropub is s replacement for atompub and the metaweblog API, but much simpler

Adam Brault:

one of the things we've being working on is meshing web with xmpp is a simple JSON api for working with XMPP in the browser and with jingle for Web RTC

we have a few tools, for example lets you do a videoconference over WebRTC

we also have which makes it easy to add your WebRTC to your page

what we want to do is make it possible to run chat and videochat from your own domain lets you sign in with jabber and build a chat

you can make these calls now on android because they have WebRTC, but we have to make tools for iOS 'cos they don't

it's a lot of work in progress, but we have a lot of usable tools for hacking on now

Tantek Çelik:

I want to do a session on indiecoms - how we contact each other without getting lost in tools

Amber Case:

I want to make a comic to explain indieweb to people and get them started

Johannes Ernst:

I'd like to talk about what software is ready to use for people who don't want to hack their own stuff [response: nothing]

I want to do a conversation "from 10 to 10 billion" - how we change the whole web to be indie

Aaron Parecki:

I want to do a talk on apps for the indieweb - how micropub can be a basis for apps

Scott Jenson:

I'd like to have a wordpress therapy session- I'm fighting it constantly. I'm hoping to get tips

Tantek Çelik:

I've been running into a problem with non-cash payments - google wallet, paypal, square - how do we do this easily 'pay' verb

no-one has yet asked me to pay by bitcoin or even dogecoin