SF New Tech 2015-12-09

Myles Weissleder:

welcome to the last demo night of the year, and thank you for making it awesome

Laura Putnam:

we love our chairs, but we are biologically programmed to move, which is a huge disconnect

We need to do more Non-exercise activity - that is what makes the difference

what happened with smoking was that we made it harder to smoke

what if every chair came with a warning label? what if we banned office chairs?

the more standing that you do the better - even 3 hours a day of sitting can be too much

Naomi Assaraf:

I'm Naomi of CloudHQ, and I want to show off our gmail sharing product

we have a label sharing tool for gmail between accounts, so you can build workflow using it

we offer the gmail sync for free, but we charge for salesforce and live365 etc sync

Peter Mullen:

Speakeasy was founded because the conference call was a broken dysfunctional business

you will never need a PIN because you all have your own number

you can have a backchannel based on email domain so you can chat without clients seeing you

when you're through with the call, it will hang up and log you into salesforce to tack the call

we're funded by bessemer ventures and salesforce and we're built on Twilio

Ali Rehan:

ingrain.io does product logo embedding in videos that you can change after shooting

in the long run we want to create an ad network for it, now we are doing it as service to video producers

there are 2 parts - processing videos for space, then compositing over it


our phones stopped being phones a while ago, and are now messaging mainly

when you're having a chat back and forth the messages look like bubbles - we can add a meeting suggestion bubble

I can throw in a quick poll in a bubble too and they can choose which coffee shop

I can put 'where are you at?" in a bubble it will show you location and arrival time

you can still work with this without the app, you'll get an SMS with a web link to the bubble

this is a fremium productivity business like dropbox/evernote/slack not an ad business

go to cola.io/sfnewtech to sign up for the beta - promo code sfnewtech


we're the worlds largest social network for cannabis users we have 600,000 users

we got kicked out of the Apple store for being a social cannabis app, so we campaigned against Apple and got back in

we were Parse's guinea pig for scaling -when we crossed 450,000 users it slowed down so we're moving to Amazon instead

we provided weedmojis for people to try and 50,000 downloaded in 24 hours

in 2013 we pitched VCs but they said cannabis was illegal under federal law, so we went public on our own

Out stock ticker is $MSRT and our users have invested in us directly

we collect user data and target ads based on users postings and can advertise dispensaries to them

next year about 25% of voters will have cannabis legalization on the ballot, so we are working on voter registration

If we can help change cannabis laws in various states, that will create great brand loyalty

facebook started with college students and expanded to the mainstream, we started with the potheads and expand to medical

q: do you have to be paid in cash? a number of community banks in colorado are now accepting cannabis accounts

Myles Weissleder:

have you been asked for user data by law enforcement?


we have not done that, and we work hard to stop people posting about usage from states where it is illegal

Green Rush Daily:

I'm eddie miller, chief strategy officer of greenrush - we are a cannabis delivery platform

we're not the Uber of cannabis, we're more like GrubHub where you can order cannabis from dispensaries

you either upload your medical marijuana card, or wen can get you one online through our doctors

the promo code sfnewtech will get you 25% off your order tonight

there is an entire industry out there that delivers cannabis to patients for credit cards we're prop #215 compliant

our app is not in the app store - apple has not let us in- go to our mobile web interface

if you don't have a credit card, we verify your drivers licence and medical marijuana card with photos


60 second spots time coming up

Marc Canter ♨:

I'm proud that you got to see the demo of Cola which I cofounded

but I now am founding a digital lifestyle service built on cola

Kevin Marks:

Do you have a personal website? Do you want to have one? come to Homebrew Website Club http://indiewebcamp.com/Homebrew_Website_Club