IndieWebCamp Nürnberg

Jeremy Keith:

you'll notice there's an attribute on each of these links that says rel="me"

that lets me use this clever thing called indieauth to log into my own site using twitter or facebook or something

all I need to do is add a few characters to my own site to mark this up, as the silos link back

from my perspective as a site owner I didn't need to do much to set this up, and I get lots of benefits

something I decided to do a while ago was to post my tweets to my own site first

now the point is not just to keep things to yourself on your own site, but to share them out to twitter or flickr too

to get the responses back on my own site via webmention I use a service called that sends them to me

this is the idea of POSSE, which is a terrible acronym for Post on your Own Site, Share Elsewhere

longer posts I share to medium for "Engagement" - you connect to the world

Tantek Çelik:

this is my site that does many of the same things as Jeremy

one of the things that motivated me to use my own site rather than twitter was not having arrows for next post

similar to Jeremy I copy my posts to twitter - if it's a photo I cross post to facebook as well as twitter

something I did recently was make all my silo accounts private, so if you want to share my posts you use my url not theirs

Aaron Parecki:

I'm Aaron of - this is my website which is similar, short notes, blogposts, photos etc

what I want to show is replies - Jeremy said he gets comments and replies back from twitter

if someone likes a post I just show their faces with a heart, but if they reply I show the full post

I'm signing in to with my own domain - I recently changed from to my site

This means I can have fine-grained permissions for each micropub client

I replied to a post of Jeremy's with a comment one my site, adn it sent a webmention, so his site shows the comment

now I have a copy of my reply on my site, and Jeremy has one on his and we're not replying on twitter to converse

so you saw Quill as an editor, that uses micropub to post to my site

then when I reply to Jeremy's site it uses webmention to tell him I commented on his site

Pelle Wessman:

I have built tools using webmention so you can have mentions on your static sites, like github pages

this is at and you sign up with github, and use it for your sites

many people have used this including @kevinmarks - you can see I need to add pagination

Kevin uses so if anyone mentions kevin on twitter it shows up on his site

I have micropub set up too so I can post to my site from my phone, which posts by doing a github pull

so I can have micropub working even though I use Jekyll

I have also made a crawler called relspider, but now I'm focusing on micropub and webmention for jekyll

Jeremy Keith:

apart from the functionality of these tools, the other reason we use them is because they are well-defined and easy

the technical stuff underneath is in a good state, but it is fun to work on the user interface as well

Pelle Wessman:

the other thing I have is these 3 buttons on the bottom of my site that allow retweet, reply and like

this enables an indieconfig that loads a configuration for you to use your own site, or fall back to twitter

Barnaby Walters:

I'm Barnaby and my website is regrettably

if you go to we have great logs of the irc and you can join in by talking to us

irc is where a lot of the indieweb discussion goes on, and we have logs that go on forever

Tantek Çelik:

we deliberately decided to not have a mailing list, to encourage people to be brief or post on their website

Barnaby Walters:

so what I want to demo is live audio streaming using my own server using PureData

I built this puredata patch that connects to an icecast server running on my website

so I can copy the m3u from this to my site and make a note that posts it

so I'm aadding a stream in an

what I want is to archive this with a link to the recorded audio when I finish streaming

because micropub lets you update posts, I should be able to replace the m3u with an mp3 link

Joschi Kuphal 吉:

I use typo3 for my website because we use that for everything

I am accepting and even sending webmentions

I am collecting responses from sites using both and my own code

i would like to post more status updates, photos and check-ins. It's too complicated rightnow

half a year ago I started writing a concept called apparat, and am building it as a set of libraries

I want to store them as simply as possible in text form in the filesystem

I have a ystem for storing files that are markdown based and I would like to get this in a browser this weekend

Lukas Rosenstock:

I am hosting my site on a silo called, which is a twitter rival you pay for

my site takes all the post from the API and presents them in an interface

favorites, reposts and replies come from the APi and I translate them into microformats

I also accept indieweb replies via webmention, and I can send response to my site and

my code is up at - it is PESOS rather than POSSE

but if shuts down I can still serve from local storage

Aaron Parecki:

I've been working on a tool to help you debug your webmentions - it's called

each test shows the webmentions received as comments, likes and emoji on the post also sends very detailed error messages, unlike most practical webmention implementations

If I click here to post a favorite, it shows up on the other site straight away

once you get it working on 1, make sure you test on all 21 as it will find edge cases in your code

Tantek Çelik:

one thing I added to photo posts this year is person tagging. I tag people on my post, and use publish

that shares it to other sites like facebook and twitter, and transfers the person tags

on my site I get to choose the poster frame for the video, not just the first frame like you get on twitter

Jeremy Keith:

I want to show

if you're working on adding indieweb features to your app helps a lot

we've all gravitated to these technologies now, but the main thing is about having your own website

there's lots of levels here - son't be overwhelmed, it builds up for simple building blocks

this is a barcamp style event, which is basically organised chaos - we just have rooms and times

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