IndieWebCamp UK

Jeremy Keith:

my website is - it's 10 year old crappy PHP I'm not proud of, but it works

I own my own links. I used to use delicious, but it died, then I used magnolia… now I use my own site

at the last indiewebcamp in Dusseldorf, which was a lot of fun, I added sending webmentions to sites I link to

when I post a photo I send a copy to twitter - I highly recommend it - I'm no longer a slave to twitter

ideally I want to do with instagram what I do with twitter, but there is no posting api

instead I use to get the photo back from instagram to my site with micropub

what I want to do is POSSE - Post Own Site Syndicate Elsewhere

but with instagram I have to do PESOS - Post Elsewhere Share Own Site - I'm not proud of these acronyms

It feels very good to be hosting my own photos - i have 10 years of flickr ones I should import


I used to have my own CMS, and I could run wordpress but that gets hacked a lot

so I have my own site with posts based on markdown

wordpress has a lot of plugins that help with the indieweb that do webmentions and other indieweb apis

I wrote a little plugin called keyring reactions importer that brings in facebook, twitter etc without using is brilliant if you want to use it; I'm fed up with social networks so now I only post on my own site

Jeremy Keith:

let me show in action what happens when someone replies on twitter to one of my posts that I have shared there sends a notification via webmention when you receive comments is open source so you could run your own instance of it, but it runs really really well

you can also use to publish to silos; I use it for the incoming

Rosa Emerald Fox:

I made my own site last year at indiewebcamp, using a template

I made my site by copying a lot of html in one giant page; now I want to make separate posts so you can link

Jeremy Keith:

one thing is to add the h-entry microformat to your blog posts so it can make sense to other people you mention

John Ellison:

I have my own site at based on ghost

just a guy:

there is a service at that will handle webmentions for you adn some hjs to embed in your site

John Ellison:

if i have Ghost self-hosted I can use webmentions?

Jeremy Keith:

you can use 3rd parties like and to embed mentions by javascript

just a guy:

I'm Amy - been involved in indieweb for about a year - my site is

it's some PHP I wrote - I have a micropub endpoint so I can post using

I post checkins, notes, longer articles, bookmarks, RSVPs and likes

I do a like using quill, and sends it to twitter -i don't go near twitter myself

I don't have my own webmention endpoint at the moment so I use for it

this is all the webmentions for my homepage on

Jeremy Keith:

what quill does is let you authenticate using indieauth with your own website, using the principle of being lazy

so I put in my URL, it looks for rel-me links to a sites with OAuth and logs me in there

If someone wants to make a beautiful posting interface, you can make it work for any site

just a guy:

go to for a nicer interface like medium

Jeremy Keith:

with something like quill you can make it available for anyone to use to post to their site via micropub

the idea is that instead of creating interfaces from scratch, you can share the interface to anyone

you could even make a native app that uses the micropub api to post to our sites

Lewis Nyman:

I switched my site from Drupal to Jekyl which felt greta as I was writing html again

as I started wanting to do more- post images and so on, I found this more difficult

as I was writing flat files on my local machine, I couldn't use it from my phone

just a guy:

there is something called Jekmentions for jekyll webmentions

Jeremy Keith:

anyone using jekyll? (many hands go up)


My site is at but it is more of a set of static pages that I post on my own server and github

I connect to github with webhooks so there is always a mirror available

Jeremy Keith:

I'd like to have static versions of my site somewhere safe in case my database goes down

I like having github to show me all the changes I have down

I'm not sure I would store markdown

Tom Morris:

I'm tom at - the site is built in rails with a postgres backend; it's mostly posts

I have my own edit ui with posts and tags to add

I've been building a 'places' section which is foursquare/tripadvisor on my own site

I use OpenStreetMap for locations and Mozilla Persona to sign in

one thing I did a while back is using twilio to send an xml blob when I post a text message to blog

I'm in the process of switching over to django from rails for my site

also you get practical well-built libraries rather than hacked together crap

I hope to open source my new version and let the hacky rails nastiness die

I syndicate to twitter, and then use twitter to go to facebook

I'm getting webmentions back, but not displaying everything

vim is a nicer writing environment than web browsers as browsers have only had 20 years to write one


I'm Raphael and my site is

I'm running my own server and my site is based on Jekyll

Paul Lloyd:

I have been using moveable type but switched to jekyll hosted on my own site

I use for my site, and also post to github from my nice UI

I'm happier using other people's things and joining them together than coding it all

andrea rota manning:

my interest in indieweb comes from a long time ago

other universities were using their own slos in a clunky way - why not let them use their own sites?

I have been waiting for something like the indieweb to happen

These notes were made while tired and watching via webcam from California Corrections and improvements welcomed