Homebrew Website Club

Benjamin Goering:

I found the indie.js repository and am going through the IndiewMark process and trying to make my tools usable by other

the github repository is at https://github.com/gobengo/indieweb

I'm trying to make the place where it posts to pluggable too so you can change where it posts to

Ben Werdmüller:

I went back and analysed everything I posted on werd.io - a tiny fraction had not been syndicated elsewhere

I realised I have been using werd.io as a client for twitter and facebook, so I wrote a post that wasn't POSSE'd http://werd.io/2015/publish-on-your-own-site-reflect-inwardly

so what happens if we take away the social newtworks

seperately I'm also preparing to start a podcast, so I'm looking at the tags needed to make a podcast work right

the process of publishing a podcast seems really archaic

a lot of people use soundcloud so they can have a nice player to embed on their own site

I have lost count of the number of times I have crashed all of the browsers using the audio tag over the last few weeks

Benjamin Goering:

twitter added native video a couple of months ago, and the video that we are getting from twitter is not playable [in older browsers without <video> support

Ben Werdmüller:

I've also made http://wavelist.xyz/ which is a way to easily curate and discover playlist of podcast episodes as a test

it's not completely different form huffduffer, but it is more thematic - it is a playback list around a theme

we have Convoy at Known that is designed to connect your blog to other sites, and we'll make it for wordpress too

Kyle Mahan:

wordpress is a convenient unauthenticated shell that happens to have a blogging tool attached

I worked on http://feverdream.herokuapp.com/ which lets you post to wordpress, blogger, tumblr with mciropub

Kevin Marks:

I was able to post to my tumblr (Which I forgot I had) with feverdream

Kyle Mahan:

I have been working on brid.gy support for known and tumblr integration

brid.gy doesn't currently give enough feedback for known users so I'm working on this


I work on a tool called webrecorder.io to build a new archiving service for everyone to use

beta.webrecorder.io is an updated version of the archiving software

flash is always difficult to archive - I was wondering if mozilla shumway could help with that

the proxy runs as a separate app that rewrite them to localhost

unlike internet archive this is more personal - you don't have to put it on a server

all the core functionality is on github in Python if you want ot look at it, and the archive player

you need to go through a browser or a headless browser to be sure that you catch all the links

Dan P. Gailey:

I just launched a social network for makers - so now we have to scale it

I come here for inspiration - having coding as my job means I don't get to hack shit for fun anymore

makerspace.com is the site I just launched and people are telling me what they think of my baby

I'm starting a robotics meetup at the Palace of Fine Arts every weekend

Benjamin Goering:

I just got an espruino computer on a board, and I want to learn to hack it

I wrote a post about how to do fuzzy matching in text annotations: http://blog.livefyre.com/architecting-sidenotes/

Kevin Marks:

in trying to make feedparser support microformats again, I updated mf2py to give more information about URLs for rels

I also made noterlive.com have better twitter previews by brute forcing the twitter embedded iframe layout