Homebrew Website Club SF

Tantek Çelik:

welcome to the homebrew website club, May the 4th Be With You edition!

@aaronpk has published a new version of the W3C Micropub spec: https://www.w3.org/TR/2016/WD-micropub-20160504/. now 3 impls that Delete and Update

Webmention spec has reached 0 open issues, is basically ready to go from Working Draft to Candidate Recommendation

Nick Doty:

I wanted to ask about doing a security review of the Webmention spec

Ben Werdmüller:

2 things. the first, every single page of my site now has the meta http-equiv tag version of the HTTP response codes.

Another I'm sort of playing with, some people don't want to have a blog, just want a page about them...

So I'm kinda working on a little version of a single page generator that helps you set it up, also gives you a zip.

Nick Doty:

What's the reasoning behind the http-equiv stuff? @benwerd: means static sites are not penalized in webmention protocol

Tantek Çelik:

A lot of people have static hosting like GitHub pages, which makes it hard to do things like return "410 GONE" for deletes

There's no standard way to statically archive a page's return code. The more I'm thinking about it,maybe incl all the headers

Nick Doty:

The last couple of days, I've been thinking about ephemerality, in particular ephemerality of a URL.

I do a lot of academic writing; I want to share my writing of incomplete drafts that are not ready to be public

So it would be useful to have a URL that is only valid for some period of time, e.g. 1 hour.

Implemented in a little php, I can now change the URL to include /until-730pm, and that will give back a new short URL

So for example, this URL will only work for the next 15 minutes https://npdoty.name/u/cudo

(in re: what if someone archives the final URL?) it's a privacy rather than a security measure, wouldnt share w attacker

Tantek Çelik:

one challenge, I can't tell from looking at the page that it isn't meant to be public

Nick Doty:

how about URL that says you can archive the URL, but it will only work for the next hour

so I make a new short url with some random address like https://npdoty.name/u/cudo that will expire in 15 minutes

Ben Werdmüller:

so if someone resolves the short url they can get to the content?

Nick Doty:

yes, so if I trust you but I want it to go away in time form the irc, then I can use this

Darius Dunlap:

but if I instapaper it, then it gets sent to @pinboard, so it it archived further

Kyle Mahan:

this is like Flickr guest passes - a short term bypass of a login

Nick Doty:

if I give out a capability URL like this, then you still have the abiilty to resolve it

I do a 307 which is supposed to be temporary redirect, not sue how that differs from 302

Tantek Çelik:

I was hacking in a bar with @benwerd to get deleted working - I added a dt-deleted date to hide the post

what I realised was that I can set the deleted date in the future so it would vanish like an indie snapchat

Nick Doty:

is it a proper delete? if there's ever a timezone bug will it reappear.

Tantek Çelik:

do I want to set the delete time to 0, or do I want to set a deleted date so I can undo it

expiring content is useful - it doesn't look like noise in your stream later - like future bar plans

Darius Dunlap:

you might have a need where you want to send it out to certain people but only to you afterwards

Kevin Marks:

you could also set the published time in the future to create ephemeral posts

Tantek Çelik:

you could also use this for a deadman switch style post that appears after a time

should you block search engines from ephemeral posts?

for stuff that is short term you block search engines, if it's longterm you may want more

Nick Doty:

is there a way to tell google that it is volatile? There is a change frequency notation

Tantek Çelik:

if you delete a post and put a tombstone in your feed, how long do you leave it up there? 24 hours? longer

Nick Doty:

email already have expiry headers - not sure anyone uses it

Kevin Marks:

webpages have cache expiry timestamps as well

Kyle Mahan:

I really like the mute function on twitter but I forget to unmute people whoa re bing noisy for an hour

so I made quiettime.xyz and I put in @kevinmarks because he is tweeting too much right now

and it mutes him for an hour

Britt Blaser:

I'm building a tool to help you manage politicians

politicians are very sensitive to constitutents, so we have a mapping from jurisdictions to a string

so you can make a post that refers to your political constituencies without identifying you

if a politician discovers a constituent cares about the issue, they care instantly

because congressional committees specialise, if you can connect with constituents of the members you can connect

so we create a set of map polygons that are the intersections of the constituency boundaries

I had to draw a boxes an arrows diagram to understand this - I want to see if people want this represented

if you go to http://newgov.net/demomap/index.html you can find the powerzone for your address

politicians love twitter because it lets them be broadcasters, we could give a backchannel that points to constituencies

if we have your address, we can get the latlong, and then resolve to a constituency powerzone string

Ben Werdmüller:

you could also make this use indieauth to connect your website with your location zone

Britt Blaser:

so far it's been impossible to be effective politically without exposing your address

every local secretary of state maintains the voter file of addresses of registered voters and party affiliation

instead of the politicians being the owner of the district, theya re the agent of the voter

Zoe Schiffer:

do constituents get to see this feedback?

Britt Blaser:

we could aggregate this for the constituents as well as the politicians - so they are tracking numbers too

Tantek Çelik:

I have a small demo that is only working on my laptop - this is a deleted post on my site

if you delete a post you shouls probably delete a slug - the part of the url that has words from the post

so the slug should not be part of the unique identifier

if you want to implement a deleted post

Also, this weekend is the second Indiewebcamp Dusseldorf, which has about 60 people coming

the 6th annual indieweb summit in portland is at 2016.indieweb.org - buy a ticket for $5 or send an indie RSVP for free

we also have a $1000 fund from an anonymous donor to fund underrepresented groups to come

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