Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

this is the Homebrew Website Club where we talk about our websites -no hack is too big or too small

Indiewebcamp MIT is coming up on March 14-15th - Gregorian Pi day

we have also locked down the dates for Indieweb Summit in Portland indiewebcamp.com/2016 is June 4-5

indiewebcamp.com is the indieweb organisation

imagine everything that you do on sites like twitter on facebook, but on your own site, and able to do more

we already had meetings today in Göteborg in Sweden, Washington DC and have SF and Portland meeting right now

looking up this week's news at http://indiewebcamp.com/this-week/2016-02-19.html I see a good article about webmentions: The Register

Moshe Cohen:

I do sumi painting- Japanese calligraphy and I was wanting my site http://moshecohen.net to reflect that

I work between clown and Zen, and I want to do something more composed

Kevin Marks:

this week I made svgur.com publish webmention links in the head for svg fiels as well as html pages

Erin Jo Richey:

I am now scanning all the books that I own with barcodes and showing them on my site at http://erinjorichey.com/library

at the moment I am doing this for physical books first but I am goign to add my ebooks too

this is a fork of a lending library project on github, whixh is linked from the bottom of the page

Ben Werdmüller:

Telegram is an allegedly encrypted open IM client that is the new chat

Erin Jo Richey:

the elections are happening in Iran right now and everyone is using telegram to discuss who they are voting for

Ben Werdmüller:

speaking of freedom - a friend of mine in Bangalore got in touch over the students being jailed in Delhi

so to track this I built jnu.benwerd.com to track all the news stories of protests in Delhi

As well as links to the story it grabs screenshots of the news stories and caches them in case they go down

this is a living archive as an extension to known -it can take in any RSS, Atom or h-feed and cache them as images

I integrated Joshua the chat bot I showed before with MMS and SMS and slack so I can ask if it is safe to leave mozilla

Tantek Çelik:

her's a video I posted to my site from tennessee valley beach http://tantek.com/2016/055/t12/fast-walk-hike-beach-video

I used brid.gy publish to POSSE the video from my site to twitter, facebook and flickr

note that the silo copies are now private to friends only on my social media copies, but public on my own site

Note that as @kevinmarks said earlier the silos do autoplay video silently, with a click to show audio.

we should suggest an extension to the <video> tag controls property for muted autoplay video