Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

welcome everyone to the 1st homebrew meetup of 2015

we've been doing it backwards this week with trying to set up sites first; now we can do the whole group thing

I'm Tantek Çelik - my site is tantek.com and what I recently got working was posting likes to my own site, not twitter

I post likes to my own site and I use a service called brid.gy to send my likes to twitter and facebook

Darius Dunlap:

how do you find something to like?

Tantek Çelik:

I like stuff by URL - so the tweet URL or facebook URL can be liked too

if you look at tantek.com, instead of every like as a separate post they show up as a list of likes in one post

Lonnie Rae:

I have lonnierae.com - I have been trying to work out some dev stuff; wordpress, squarespace, and ionic

now I'm trying to work out ftp and move things around

Jay Addison:

I'm James and my site is explainanalyse.net

Ben Werdmüller:

It's been ages since I've been to Homebrew — last time November—I've been in London and Paris

I build withknown.com — the 1st indieweb startup. Now enabled multiple accounts on twitter, facebook and linkedin

we don't have @googleplus support because they didn't approve us

we have an export button on every page that exports HTML, JSON and a full database dump to migrate easily

It includes comments, it includes the works - every item and every interaction on the items

I also set up animated gif backgrounds and I have a big animated gif of Tom Baker as the background of my test site

Mark Finnern:

I work for SAP and work on the developer network there. I work with SAP mentors - top community influencers

I also run the Future Salon, which used to meet monthly - most recently with David Brin of davidbrin.com

My website is http://finnern.com/ also futuresalon.org

Tina Chase Gillmor:

I produce tech shows: Gillmor Gang and G3 - I used to code HTML pages and want to get back to having a web presence

Darius Dunlap:

my site is https://dunlaps.net/darius and squarepegfoundation.org where we work with kids and horses

My personal site is up for hosting renewal, and I can't do HTTPS on my current host, so help needed there

Kevin Marks:

I posted the New clues manifesto to my site so it could support Webmentions and Fragmentions: http://www.kevinmarks.com/newclues.html

New Clues is an update to Cluetrain - we discussed it on Gillmor Gnag

as part of this, I updated to new version of webmention.heroku.com to gets facepiles for likes and better comments

Jean M Russell:

I'm Jean Russell - I live in Illinois and SF part time- I work with @IdentityWoman and also write books

I wrote @thrivable over the past few years; and also now publishing Designing Social Flows

I have thrivabile.net and also jeanmrussell.com and am trying to set up indieweb and brid.gy support

I used to run a web design company back in 2002 and know web but not code code