IndieWebCamp SF IndieWeb Apps

Aaron Parecki:

it's not reasonable for everyone to build interfaces for everything on their site - you may want to share photo UI

if you go to you can see my pushups; I wrote an iPhone app that counts pushups with my nose

as an app developer I get to write an iPhone app without a backend service as it just post to your site

Johannes Ernst:

you just have to enter a URL, not a username and password too

if your phone knew your domain, it could auth this without even entering a domain

Aaron Parecki:

this enables data ownership as well as identity onine

the next one is that treats instagram as a client to your site


so you can use instagram effectively as a camera app?

Aaron Parecki:

I think there are benefits for developers to do just the app, not the backend too

the Feltron logging app will save locally, and sync to either email or dropbox - bring your own backend


pushups with your nose -that's something nobody has seen - it's innovative

there's the Locker project...

Aaron Parecki:

there are a lot of apps that pull your info back from silos and aggregate them for you - locker, narrato etc

one of the challenges is that companies want to be the home for your data, not just a creation app

the point of having a cloud service for fitbit/jawbone is to process the raw data into a useful form


the philips hue doesn't have a base station; some services did have this

it depends if they want to make money from selling you the device or from a service

Aaron Parecki:

these gadgets sell for $150 because they run a cloud service and don't want to bill you monthly

philips don't want to run a cloud service - the only thing they do is autodiscovery of the IP address for the hub

if you look at micropub, it's a way to create h-entry - published; category; content; name; summary -can add more specifies how to send arbitrary properties to the server for a post, with html fallback


there is an idea that log and a database are dual - logs between applications and components

The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data

Kevin Marks:

a stream API means you don't have to deal with CRUD directly, you can create a view of current state

we have an endless debate about database vs json vs flat file; defining a log stream makes this moot


I have a static page on my domain, and IndieAuth means I can be part of a conversation without code

Johannes Ernst:

so the IndieWeb is the AirBnB of social networking