Homebrew Website Club

Ryan Barrett:

the way we interact with people falls into silos, walled gardens and we want to bring interactivity back to the web

the first part of Homebrew Website Club is Random Access - everyone talks to the group, then peer to peer

Aaron Parecki:

if you're not in the IRC channel for indiewebcamp, irc.freenode.net #indiewebcamp

I've been working on micropub and indieauth to post on my site using other people's UI

dietrich ayala:

I've at metafluff.com Cloud9 makes editing and running node easy without your own server

Benjamin Chait:

I just moved to portland, I'm at benjaminchait.net and fascinated by the indieweb idea

Bret Comnes:

I'm getting distracted by a project called Poet that takes a Jekyll website, loads it into RAM and serves it

Ryan Barrett:

I love doing stuff on my own website, but I need ot meet friends where they are

I work on brid.gy, which sends likes, favorites and retweets back to your indieweb site from fb/twitter

also thinking about private or semi-public posts, to do messaging. That's still hard

Leah Culver:

I'm interested in mobile stuff, so maybe I came to the wrong meetup

everything is walled gardens, and the overhead to make an app is too high


I'm excited that more people are interested in how people manage their identity online

openid connect is launching in a couple of weeks and we now aren't sure thta si what we were building

Ben Werdmüller:

I've been interested in open source community platforms for along time. I'm building a new one at idno.co


I am spending my time building a redundant hub for my home out of arduino and raspberry pi

it ends up being six raspberry pi's in a box to do what a want, so I need to simplify that