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we provide a platform for data gathering by mobile devices for city planning with live updates

Ben Werdmüller:

I'm co-founder of with @erinjo

example: Graphic Scotland have a website, but the CMS has not kept up with social, so they are stuck with Facebook

Medium, Findery, Ghost and Tumblr are pushing new UI in personal publishing - we need this in community publishing

Known is a group publishing platform that applies the best of personal publishing to community sites

You can get your own site up and hosted with your own URL in 30 seconds, or host yourself

You can get enterprise support for your own site, it's also available as open source

on you can see what we have made - @erinjo just posted a photo of you all

here's an event: that has RSVPs form across the web


Roger is a teacher and his students are typical screenagers - they'd prefer video to his lessons

EduCrate is an education-focused tool built on CratePlayer - curated videos for educators


we think there is s a blurring between galleries, art events and things that happen in public

we use both geolocation and beacons to add information to offline space [meaning physical space]

navigating through festivals, faires and galleries is hard, we can guide people through them


if you want to share things more widely, we help you contribute points to buy promotion on facebook