IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf

Jeremy Keith:

welcome to indiewebcamp - I'm jeremy my site is

Aaron Parecki:

I'm aaron and my website is

Tantek Çelik:

I'm tantek and my site is

Aaron Parecki:

I think we know why we're here - we are making our own websites and helping each other

there is a live stream at and a chatroom at

our principles are at and #3 💪 Build tools for yourself, not for all of your friends. is key

if you don't want to use your tools for your own site why would anyone else?

Jeremy Keith:

today is a day of discussion and figuring stuff out, tomorrow for implementing

I'm always amazed by how much gets done in a weekend by being in a space with other people who can help out

Aaron Parecki:

we're going to do some demos, brief introductions and show your website and something you're proud of or working on

Tantek Çelik:

my website is I post photos and likes and notes and whatever I find that si interesting

I have person tags working on my photos, so here's me and Julie, and it cross posts to twitter, facebook and flickr does this for me - as the person tags are supported by bridgy they end up on the silo sites too

what i want to work on this weekend is having deletes and updates go out to the copies on other sites

Jeremy Keith:

my site is - I have a blog, but more recently I added notes that I post and share out to twitter

I can upload photos, so let me show that on my phone - when I'm logged in I get an interface

what i might add is twitter posting wiht apis

so I'm taking a photo here on my phone and uploading to my website

here's a photo I uploaded earlier in the pub last night:

it gets uploaded to twitter and flickr as well, and brings the comments and likes back to my site

this is using which send you webmentions and you can get this up and running

Aaron Parecki:

here is a photo on jeremy's site and I want to post a comment on it

I'm using a tool for posting using micropub, and can post a reply to jeremy's note

I am getting a beer emoji and posting it, and crossposting to twitter

I made a tool to help you get webmention sending working at

we'll do a session on webmention later today and do some hacking on it tomorrow

Jeremy Keith:

don't be shy, come up and say who you are and show your website

Joschi Kuphal 吉:

I'm Joschi and my site is - I set it up 2 years ago

I planned to make a lot of blog posts here, but I've done about 4

I do collect and send webmentions here, it's based on Typo3

I started a new library called apparat to make my own site but there is not much to see yet

what I'd like to work on is a first interface for this, using micropub

Frederic Marx:

I'm Frederic Marx and my domain is - I made a static site at indiewebcamp Nürnberg

even though it is a static site it has webmentions by using @voxpelli's

so I have webmentions showing up on my post at

I'm interested in emoji reactions as that is for the next millienium

Vladimir Andrijevikj:

I'm Vlad and my site is at - I post flights and travel for my family

this is built though I'd like to add a better editor for my events

Aaron Parecki:

I have a similar event post type and I'm working on an interface for it, so we should talk

Vladimir Andrijevikj:

there is a print stylesheet as my mum likes to print it out

Jeremy Keith:

part of this is using your own site for things you'd use silo sites for - travel, photos, checkins


I'm Sven, sknebel on IRC. My site is - I can receive webmentions but I don't display them yet

I am looking at databases but ti may be more work

Jeremy Keith:

we should have a session about databases and static files

Kai Pahl:

I'm Kia and my site is but I want to talk about my site

which is a big Sport site in germany, but I had to turn off comments because it was getting swamped

so I'd like to work out how we could use webmention for comments here

Walter Ebert:

My name is Walter and my site is

my site is built in PHP; it used to be wordpress

I use YaCy to search, because not everything in my database

I bring stuff in from slideshare, twitter and more through their APIs

Glenn Jones:

I'm Glenn Jones and my site is

my site runs on it's own backend system and handles webmentiosn for me

I have a history of places I've been to to checkin quickly

another tool I made is and makes it easy to live edit microformats and see parsed output

Emma Hodge:

I'm Emma Hodge and my website is which I made at indiewebcamp NYC in january

I'm a beginner and still working out what to use my website for - I'm excited to be here

Matthias Ott:

my name is Matthias Ott and my website went live last night

the site is built in Craft CMS, and there is no webmention plugin for it yet, so I made my own

Andreas Nebiker:

I'm Andreas and did the bare minimum on my site which I resurrected form a few years ago

I want to get my data back from twitter and flickr, which is work as it is many gigabytes

Jeremy Keith:

I've been doing my own photos on my site for the last 2 years, but I have 10 yeras more on flickr before that

Martijn van der Ven:

my site is at and links to all my silo accounts - I also have too

Sebastian Lasse ن:

Hi I'm Sebastian Lasse, my site is at but it has not been updated in 10 years

I'm interested in a decentralised CMS to upload to

I looked into the tent protocol but didn't find much but decided to come here

Jeremy Keith:

you might find CMS's that work in an indieweb way, like

Stefan Grund:

I'm Stefan Grund and my site is and it aggregates my exercise and sleeping

my website is wordpress powered and I want to get into the indieweb

Aaron Parecki:

we have 3 rooms and will have sessions today , 1 before lunch and 4 after

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