Launch Conference

Performance CI:

sees commits to a git repository and runs load tests and shows a performance graph. Open Source, hosted and enterprise

Cyan Banister:

how many performance issues were you able to see? @performanceci: we were profiling our own ruby code


an open real-time anonymous platform to share messages with the people around you. Swipe up to spread, down to ignore

messages spread in a non-rigid way conducive to virality - each one forces you to vote before seeing the next one

Paul Judge, Ph.D.:

is you mesh based strictly on geography? @tryripple: we could associate through correlated likes

Cyan Banister:

I live in San Francisco, so sometimes I have to check twitter to see why helicopters are over my house

Hi Lo:

A spontaneous marketplace for exchanging tickets to cut out the scalpers. for people who don't want to deal with Craigslist

they hold up a HiLo logo on their phone to find each other. They can pay cash or bitcoin

Dane Glasgow:

how would you tackle a cold start for this market? @hiloapp: people could trade things other than tickets at festivals


Could you buy and sell something with sketchy people? they often have the best stuff


this shows traffic logs for mobile apps, and send feedback questions to users of the app to find out the problem


overlays your image on top of famous people's photos by doing a quick matte from your phone photo

The app is free - we put our logo in every picture. If you want the logo removed you pay 25 cents


type a message to someone and record their reaction to it a word at a time, and sends that back to you.

it's text enhanced by video to create intimacy

Dane Glasgow:

why send text rather than sending a video? @blushmessenger: it's easier to send text than a video

Habari Fitness:

this shows all your fitness tracking apps into a single dashboard, and lets them communicate to her friends


how many people think having kids is easy? [having them is easy, raising them is hard]

sammy screamer you attach to your bag, and set sensitivity so it can warn you when ti is moved

you can put sammy screamer on the cookie jar or the fridge, swimming pool gate or your stroller

Tony Tempa is a digital thermometer that sends its reading to your phone so you can get context

David Camera is a video monitor that sends t your phone

Olivia P Sticks - pee on a stick and it sees if you're ovulating; Master Bates - measures your sperm count

Michael Savino:

is this all one app? @bleepbleeps: currently discreet app for each device

Paul Judge, Ph.D.:

what is the range of this? @bleepbleeps: it's bluetooth so a 90' range; we're working on wifi support