Homebrew Website Club

Ben Werdmüller:

if you want to have astatic site you can use what you want then use @aaronpk's spiderpig to make a static version

Kevin Marks:

spiderpig is at https://github.com/esripdx/spiderpig and will staticise any site

Ben Werdmüller:

personal website update: I am fed up with maintaining all the little api links - twitter, Facebook etc

I built something new that lets me use the with known syndication system with my personal Known site

twitter, Facebook, linked in etc make you build an app for each domain - what I've built lets you have one app on Known


I work in the fired of web archiving and wonder if it can be helpful to what you are doing

I used to work on internet archive's wayback machine, now I have webrecorder.io

it is a high fidelity archive of what you are browsing and caches client side

this could be useful to archive what you read

just by loading a url it can archive it.

Kevin Marks:

this could be useful for caching copies of things you link to as you post - so you get a stashed copy of what you saw

Tantek Çelik:

there was a wordpress 0-day attack today - millions of websites running wp-supercache has an XSS exploit

Lauren Buchman:

is this an example of everyone running the same thing and it being a widespread problem

Tantek Çelik:

yes this is the monoculture problem

@benward discovered that he had a cache of #microformats t-shirts - I want to give one to @benwerd and @kylewmahan as thanks

ben coded an open source CMS called idno which is now Known at withknown.com

Tantek Çelik:

@kylewmahan has built redwind, woodwind his reader and now brid.gy with @schnarfed

Josh Juran:

I'm working on free mount which is a hybrid file access and now a language called V

Kevin Marks:

I've been at #iiw this week and it was nice to demo withknown.com & reader.kylewm.com and have it work

and have the #iiw people understand what we were getting at with indieweb protocols

Tantek Çelik:

I have now made my likes on my site POSSE to twitter

Ben Werdmüller:

twitter now has comments on tweets by creating a link to a tweet and displaying the tweet

@rhiaro got micro pub working on her own site and then got likes, reposts and bookmarks working in a few days

@rhiaro is the tenth server codebase that implements micro pub, which is a good number

Kevin Marks:

also, @Schnarfed wrote a post explaining how we could bridge micro pub to other hosts https://t.co/xjcu9WGxQM