Homebrew Website Club

Kevin Marks:

welcome to Homebrew Website Club SF - who has something to share?

Ben Werdmüller:

I got my Alexa Echo - so the NSA can now listen to my living room - I want it to tell me what my friends are doing

I want to ask my Alexa what's Kevin up to tonight? I have an idea of how this could work

I want my domain to act as the source of truth for what I'm doing, either publicly or more privately

I want to tie this into our own domains - what meetings, what conferences, what deals?

Stacey DePolo:

I had Siri working well for me, but it seemed to change with a new release

Ben Werdmüller:

I find echo works really well, and Siri never worked for me because of my accent

I wrote a web-based voice bot myself and it runs on android phones, but not iOS

what's interesting is to move this beyond one domain and make it flexible

one thing the silos do is simplify installing and maintenance - it is a matter of UX

I find that if I'm in a bar and want to share something, I use instagram not my own code

Stacey DePolo:

I do wonder as millennials take over, will the more hidden take over - will they go back to old web werdness?

Ben Werdmüller:

did you see that orkut relaunched as hello.com this week? no, not ello.com, Hello

Kevin Marks:

how blogging worked in 2000 we'd click through our blogroll each morning and see our friends stories. That's snapchat

Jeremy Llewellyn:

with snapchat it was the first time I could send context with what I was doing, not just text - nothing did that

now you just hold your phone and you have video context as well

Kevin Marks:

one thing snapchat enabled was quick facial reactions - not myfacewhen, but my actual face

Ben Werdmüller:

when did twitter bring in live video reactions? was that recently?

Stacey DePolo:

yes, they had periscope but they put it in the app recently

at godaddy we gave up email responses and went to live responses and chat and it was better - context wins

if you still need email support there is godaddy pro, but the live context makes it better

They hired non-technical people because it was easier to teach people to be technical than to teach techs to be nice

Ben Werdmüller:

context and privacy are related - we've done dumb writes well - not sure who we're addressing

all the platforms we have now are proofs of concept, but the only make sense with context we speak to

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