IndieWebCamp London

Rosemary Orchard:

My website is at and whenever I have something to post, I don't think about whether it should be on twitter or instagram, I post it to my site first

When I want to post, I can use any client - I like to use Quill so when I post ti goes to my site first, then can be shared to or twitter too

I can try and read instagram posts, but unfortunately facebook is very unfriendly to anyone outside the facebook world

I remember when myspace went away and took our history with it - by putting all my likes and notes on my own site, I can stop this from happening again

I can build my own profile on the internet rather than relying on some tech giant in america that may not have my interests at heart - I know that I have my own interests at heart

I run on wordpress, but there are lots of options - if you want something to start quickly I would recommend - if you want help getting started come to and we'll help you

Cheuk Ting Ho:

another option to start using indieweb is with github pages - it's completely free and you can use jekyll to edit it

Lewis Coles:

I'm at - I hack around with my site by hand - I have an all text blog and try things out by hand. I use fragmention to scroll to content, but you have to opt in

I did start in jekyll, but it is entirely typed in by hand in vscode and uploaded

Cheuk Ting Ho:

My site is at - I just upgraded again and took my articles out of medium and onto my own website. I don't have webmention yet, so I want to link that up this weekend

Dan Q:

My site is - I've been keeping a personal site for a long time, and it's on wordpress now. I try and put everything I produce on the web in one place

I've been translating my older geocaching code into checkins, and I want to store that more easily on

Jamie Tanna |

my site is at and is built on Hugo and hosted on netlify. I've moved my RSVPs to my site and makes a calendar link for me. I also publish them out to meetup

I own all interactions with twitter - and I've been enhancing those to show more context

Calum Ryan:

my site is and I have been using it for about 5 years now - I have notes, reposts, bookmarks and photos

it's currently on 2 different systems - a mixture of a custom CMS in PHP and jekyll for the posts, and I am going to try to make that simpler

Barry Frost:

my personal site is - I built it about 5 years ago initially when I went to my first indiewebcamp at MIT

I like to put all my content in one place, but I like having reactions wit hpeople on twitter and instagram in one place too

I don't post enough, I find it more fun to write software. My site is on github and is written in ruby and uses a lot of indieweb tech

my content is on github as flat json files, that gets turned into a database on heroku - I built my own client app at which you can use with your site too

Ana Rodrigues:

I have a blog at since 2014, which was wordpress then converted to jekyll - I have bookmarks

I have micropub and webmentions, but I didn't like the way they look, so this weekend I am converting to eleventy as I understand js better than ruby

Kevin Marks:

demonstrating noterlive and my site at indiwebcamp

David Shanske:

my site is - it has a lot of kinds of posts and articles on it, as well as locations and weather, and the posts have the timezones I wrote them in

I do a lot of the wordpress functionality in the community and I'm always happy to talk about that

Neil Mather:

my site is built on wordpress using the tools @dshanske has built

I post to my site using a mobile app called indigenous, which uses micropub, and I read with a microsub client at

because the feeds are held in aperture I can read them all in this reader

I'm also using a personal wiki for a more considered set of work at - making it more of a commonplace book - the more i use the wiki the less I use the blog

I have made a micropub client in emacs as I don't like the wordpress content editor - I can write in emacs and push stuff to my site that way

I've also made a custom wordpress theme built on underscores and it was quite easy as the microformats came from the Post Kinds plugin


my site is at - I've been going to homebrew website club in nottingham; I have RSVPs and a blog, and I'm working on a new about page with a timeline -its' it's built in gatsby on netlify

Sebastiaan Andeweg:

my site is at I post photos, like and syndicate to twitter too

I don't make new features anymore - I debate whether I should rebuild it.

You can log into my site with indieauth and can see some hidden posts including checkins from swarm

I do like the idea of having a static site, but doing this on a static site would be harder

Calum Ryan |

The sessions etherpad is at - so use that to propose things to talk about this afternoon

my site is - I write PHP myself, but I use Known for all of my work

I have my own poetry page at with poems I write and read, and I have a podcast feed of them there too

Ana Rodrigues:

I've been converting my site from jekyll to eleventy - I have the posts but not styling yet. I originally converted from wordpress to jekyll, and now there is leftovers from both conversions

Cheuk Ting Ho:

I added webmentions to my site - you can see them at the bottom of

Jamie Tanna:

I added @aaronpk's script to show balloons on my birthday - which meant adding my birthday to my microformats

I am adding a public endpoint for the top hits on my site for a given day, after the analytics conversation

Dan Q:

I did manage to get bits of post kinds to fit in with gutenburg - I have a citation block that has microfomats in

Neil Mather:

I was inspired by the Own your RSVPs session - I used Jamies code to convert meetup events into h-feeds

I put these into my social reader in aperture

I then can post RSVPs to my own site, and then can use to send it to the external service too

I have wordpress set up so that when I create an RSVP post it can be syndicated to as well, so I've sent a pull request to Syndication Links for this

by doing this has a list of all the places I have RSVP'd to, which you could follow to discover events

next I want to addd an iCal feed for all my events

it was very easy to add new things based on the building blocks and how @dshanske has structured the WP plugins

Cheuk Ting Ho:

could I syndicate using Travis as well?

Barry Frost:

I've been updating - my micropub client. I made it give clearer explanations about what went wrong looking for endpoints

there are now much clarifying error message fro people trying to set it up - missing scope or me parameters, or error messages

I added subgrids to my cards, which only works in Firefox for now, but all my cards are now the same height

I added webmention support and display to my static site using fluffy's webmention.js

I added a feed of torrents of all my videos as I'm using a lot of bandwidth now schools have been sent home

Calum Ryan:

I've been looking at Kirby as an alternative to my handcrafted CMS, so I converted my posts into flat files to put into Kirby

a lot of the problems have been with character encoding and getting the emojis through. I was looking at a static site generator before

I started building a weather plugin for Kirby to add that to posts


I refactored my RSVPs - I used to have to add them manually; now I list them in a json file and loop though to add them to the page

that should make it easier to get micropub set up on my site

Suze Shardlow:

my website is served through github pages based on jekyll and liquid - I thought I should use more indeweb principles, and it was like getting a new bookcase and then hoovering the whole hous

so I ended up changing my layouts to make them more DRY and use includes more; now I want to implement webmentions instead of discus

I also set up weblogin and managed to log into indieweb wiki - I need to change my canonical url to from

I also added myself to the chat list on the wiki. I have staked the claim with rel=me on my site, and next is an h-card

I found a lot more motivation to do this today with having other people doing ti too, and thank you to @ohhelloana, @cheukting_ho and @calum_ryan for organising this very well

Lewis Coles:

I have managed to get publishing from git to heroku now and started to look at sending webmentions from github, circleCI ran a script to send a post

Chris Aldrich:

I made a new grid for people to compare blogging platforms and solutions at

I also added a colophon to my website to show how it has been built as people ask me that a lot

Kevin Marks:

demoing noterlive to indiewebcamp london

Sebastiaan Andeweg:

I have been building an iOS app that will post to micropub - I now need to do indieauth and get a token too

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