Instant BCC

Today, Ashley had a problem:

Now, it would be possible to build a little app to do this easily enough; email can be sent from a 'do not reply' type address, with you BCC'd, but Ashley wants this in her email client, which is gmail. Fortunately there is a way:

  1. Go to the Settings > Accounts and Import page
  2. In the 'Send Mail as:' section, click 'Add another email address you own'
  3. In the popup, put BCC after your name and +bcc after your email address
  4. uncheck 'Treat as an alias'
  5. set the Reply-to address to one that blackholes messages (I used that facebook one)
  6. click 'Next Step' and you're done.

Now, when you want to send a BCC mail:

  1. Click Compose as usual.
  2. Choose the BCC address from the pop-down
  3. Address people as usual, and send
And if, like Rick, you want this on by default, make it your default address.