Google I/O

Keynote - Sundar Pichai


we've been doing io for 10 years, there are 7000 of you here in person we are livestreaming to 530 extended events

Over 1M people are tuning into the live stream from china

when google was founded there were only 300M people online; now there are 3bn and people live on their phones

today over 50% of our queries come from mobile phones; on android in the us 20% of queries are voice

we no longer do 10 blue links, we do rich cards full of information on many topics

if you search for hyperloop you get rich pages with AMP right in the search results

we have been training our voice recognition deliberately with noise in the background to improve recognition

we translate over 100 languages, with 140Bn words translated per day -we even do live visual transaltion

today we are announcing the Google Assistant - we want to ask our users "hi, how can I help?"

we want users to have an ongoing, 2-way dialogue with google, understanding you in the real world

we already have elements of this working - those 20% of voice queries wiht OK google

if you are in front of a landmark and ask "who designed this?" and google will know what you mean

you can refer back to the results of a search with 'his' or it as part of a conversation

we want to show you the kind of things we aspire to be able to do

you should be able to ask google "what's playing tonight?" and get a list of 3, and say "we want to bring the kids"

we think of the Google Assistant as an ambient experience that extends across multiple devices: phones, cars, rooms

we have sold over 25M chromecast devices - we have been thinking about how to bring this to the home

credit to Amazon for creating excitement in thsi space, we'll launch something later this year

Mario Queiroz:

We're creating Google Home, which will launch later this year. and will use speech primarily

we have lots of experience in far field voice recognition, and expect this to work bet

we will have a lot of different stylings to match your decor, as it has no buttons just a microphone and speakers

not long ago we introduced chromecast to play movies and videos on the biggest screen in your house,

google home is a wifi speaker that streams directly from the cloud to a single speaker [so mono?]

Google Cast allows you to control other speakers in the house without complications by saying which one to use

it lets you control your video content too - just tell google home and it will appear on the biggest screen

as well as to do lists and shopping lists, we will integrate with your smart home devices, including Nest

Google home lets you Ask Google about anything - it builds on 17 years of experience in search

you can ask "what was the US population when NASA was established?" and it will know

Google Home will also get to know you and your packages deliveries and trips [the whole family?]

Google Home:

"turn the lights on in Kevin's room" [no scope for abuse there then]


Thanks to advances in computer vision we approached Photos from a new perspective

Google Photos has over 200M monthly active users - we have applied over 2 Trillion labels

24B of those labels are for selfies -we even have Pomeranian selfies

Erik Kay:

We have a new messaging app called "Allo" - it learns over time to make conversations better

Allo is based on your phone number, so it integrates wiht your address book [gah, why would you do that? ]

we have a great selection of stickers and emoji; but we added whisper/shout - slide send button up and dow to change size

no more yelling in all caps to get your point across.

we have "ink" to let you scribble on photos [this is dads learning to snapchat, isn't it]

we have suggested smart replies based on machine learning - Allo will suggest based on how you express yourself

smart replies contain stickers adn emojis too - as they say an emoji is worth 1000 words. do they say that?

Allo offers smart replies when someone sends a photo [suggests 'cute dog']

we can tell the breed of a dog and whether it is cute or not to suggest this [you're objectifying dogs with AI?]

we can recognise the linguine and clams in this pasta dish


I'm going to show you how the assistant in Allo can help Amit and Joy [Rebecca doesn't get a surname or Name super]

Rebecca Michael:

the Assistant can converse with Amit about restaurants, book on open table, and stay in the group

just like any other conversation, google assistant picks up where you left off

you can ask "did my team win?" and the assistant will tell you Real Madrid's latest score

it will show the team roster, and if Amit clicks on Ronaldo it show shim

if he then says "best tricks" it shows a youtube of Ronaldo's best tricks

theres a 'guess the movie from the emoji' game built in Allo, but we expect devs to do better [implict API promise]

Erik Kay:

Lets talk about privacy and security. sometimes people want to be incognito - there is an Incognito mode in Allo

while all messages are encrypted in Allo, incognito is end to end encrypted and you can set expiry time

Allo will be the first home for the Google Assistant

Allo is all about messaging, but Video Calling is great too

why don't we do video calling more often? [we do, but we do it in Facebook Messenger mate]

I'd like to introduce you to Duo, a simple video calling companion to Allo - it works on both Android and iOS

Duo has 'knock knock' you see a live video of the caller before you even pick up, and seamless joins the call

Here's a call from my daughter Eva - I use her for all my demos (shows daughter waving for a minute before answering)

Duo is built by the team that created WebRTC, the open technology that powers video chat

we use a new protocol called 'Quick' that optimises use of codecs and lag on WebRTC

Duo proactively monitors network quality multiple times a minute, and will switch quality or even cell to wifi automatically

Both Allo and Duo will be available this summer on iOS and Android [not laptops?]

Dave Burke:

it has been 10 years since we started working on Android - it's the most popular OS in the world

Android Wear now has 12 partner brands with watchmakers like Tag Heuer [no sales figures?]

There were 65Bn installs from Google Play in the last year alone

we released early previews on the N release before I/O this time - the response has been overwhelming

go to and suggest names to us, but please don't call it Namey McNameface

In Android N, Vulkan is a modern 3D graphic API, that is more efficient than OpenGL

The compiler in N is much faster, and the JIT means app installs can be 75% faster, and saves app space by up to 50%

Android has a multilayered defense in depth security model. N introduces file based encryption, not just block based

we learned last year the importance of hardening the media framework - we separated out the codecs and components

N updates the system software without you having to do anything. Like Chrome it has 2 system images at any time

and the pesky 'Android is updating' dialog is gone thanks to the JIT

the best feeling in software is deleting code like that

Google Chrome protects users by warning before they go to a site that has malware or deceptive

Google Play Store puts apps through rigorous security testing before deploying

we have an App Security Improvement Program to teach Banks how to use https properly

We have SafetyNet to delete apps that misbehave - we check 8Bn apps/day

we learned from user research that people normally switch between the last 7 apps in the list, so we delete old ones

if you double tap the recents button it swaps back to the last app you were in

we have 2 new window modes - split screen and picture in picture

I can log-tap on the recents button and put a secondapp up

say I'm watching a live tv program - I can put the content into picture in picture and swap apps to search

we added a quick reply mode to messaging notifications without launching the app

Android is the first mobile platform to support Unicode 9 emoji standards [so you can facepalm 🤦]

Android N is the best android so far. I have to say that, but it is actually true.

go to to install N on your main device when it is ready

Clay Bavor:

Virtual reality is coming to Android N - it started with Cardboard 2 years ago, and are now 50M cardboard apps

Cardboard was a start, but there is a limit to what you can do with phones not designed for VR

to make VR comfortable you need to minimise motion to photon latency

what we've built won't be available until this fall, We call it Daydream - it enables VR on Android

in Daydream there are smartphones, a headset and controller, and apps designed for this

we have made a set of specifications for conformance to Daydream VR specs and latency requirements

We have introduced VR mode in Android N - latency down to under 20ms; and VR system UI so alerts come through

Daydream is part of the core of Android N, and there will be a lot of phones available with it this fall

VR headsets have to have great optics and be comfortable on you head. We made a reference design for this

the controller is just as important as the headset for VR- it has 2 buttons and an orientationsensor

(shows video of someone waving their hand around and 3d things following it) [I miss datagloves]

We have built Google Play for VR - users can search, buy and install apps in VR

(shows screen full of partner logos and promise great things to come)

we have rebuilt YouTube from the ground up for VR - 3D audio, immersive video and a VR mode for standard videos too

Daydream arrives this fall, but you can start developing fro it today with the latest Android N preview

David Singleton:

with Android Wear we have over 100 distinctive designs of watches - it works with Android and iPhones

I'm showing a preview of Android Wear 2.0 - we learned a lot over the last 2 years

the most important role of your watch is staying connected to what matters with timely information

Now any watchface can show data from any app

here's a watchface customised with info from different apps - clicking them goes right throgh to the app

we now have smart reply, best in class handwriting recognition and a new keyboard

Google Fit has automatic activity recognition that you can move information between apps

now you don't even need a phone to combine with the watch - sending messages and streaming music can be standalone

your android wear apps can be standalone; they can have direct access to the cloud without a phone connected

there is a preview of Android wear 2.0 today for developers to download

(shows video of an app developed for Syrian refugees in Turkey)

Jason Titus:

the shift to mobile for the web platform is well underway -over 1Bn mobile chrome users per month

we have powerful new web standards in Chrome to make app-like web apps - Progressive Web Apps

We created the open source Accelerated Mobile Pages to build on web standards to be very fast

Steph Cuthbertson:

this morning we release Android Studio 2.2 preview - when you hit Run we deploy changes directly.

the emulators are now 3x faster, and may eb faster than the physical device in your pocket

we make it easier to write tests- with test recording we write Espresso code for you

you can run the tests locally or on our cloud integrated test base for other devices

Layout Designer now has automated constraints for you, but without the need for nested layouts improving performance

we have an APK analyzer and a layout inspector to help you work out how your app behaves

we have been steadily building out C++ support - as well as gradle we now support cmake and ndk build - get it now and send us feedback

Jason Titus:

18 months ago we acquired Firebase - since then it has grown to have 450,000 developers

Firebase analytics works across android and IOS and is free and unlimited

if an ad crashes it's bad for your users, so we integrated crash reporting in firebase

with dynamic links NPR was able to take 13 taps down to 4

with Crash reporting you can see crashes as they are happening, and then notify users when you have a fix

Firebase is available today at and we'll talk more this afternoon

Ellie Powers:

I'm going to show you a sneak peek of a new way to experience android apps

we want to make it easier for users and developers to connect

with the web you can just click on a link and get to any web page. what if you could run an app wiht one tap?

with Android Instant Apps you can run an app instantly without installation

my friend sends a link to buzzfeed video url; it goes stright to the buzzfeed android app and loads just the bits neede

this is a real android app - it has been split into modules, so it downloaded only the module for this screen

B&H Photo have a great android app I don't have installed. from search I can be in this app on my phone

I walk up to a parking meter, tap my phone and it brings up the parking meter app immediately

for the user it is totally seamless. As a developer, it's the same android APIs, but you modualarize your app for this

the demo Ficus did was on a phone running KitKat - Instant Apps will work all the way back to Jellybean

we are gradually rolling out access to developers for Instant Apps


Firebase is the most comprehensive developer offering we have done to date

We are opening up core components of our machine learning systems. tensorflow was open sourced last year

last week we open sourced a natural language parser to extend Tensorflow

we have computer vision, speech and machine learnign APIs in google cloud now as well

by using the cloud machine learning APIs, you get access to the custom hardware we have built for machine learning

These Tensor Processing Units - TPUs are faster and better per watt than any graphics card used for AI now

Move 37 by AlphaGo was widely seen as a very creative Go move, which is a new milestone in AI

here is an example of robots picking up real objects using deep learning

the robot nudges the stapler away to pick up the yellow object - not a coded rule but learned

Diabetic Retinopathy is the largest cause of blindness. You need to scan the eye and have a doctor identify symptoms

our computer vision systems are getting very good at detecting Diabetic Retinopathy early

What's New in Android N?

Chet Haase:

We're going to talk about Android N preview 3 today [which my phone just offered to download]

Romain Guy:

We designed the constraint based layout in conjunction with Android studio - we run the constraint code at 60fps

when you add a button to a guide position, it autocreates constraints for you. Constraint code works back to Gingerbread

Chet Haase:

one of the more visible changes in N is multiwindow - long press on recents to split them

how split-screen works out of the box is based on the magic of android layouts - your app simply works

you are opted in by default, but you can opt out of it and specify minimum sizes

Picture in Picture mode is the other multiscreen model

Drag and Drop has been in Android for a while, but with multiscreen it makes a lot more sense, so try it out

Dan Sandler:

Notifications now have new templates for the first time since honeycomb [why are they so low contrast?]

we have bundled notifications for multiples, and we also have direct reply - respond without opening the app

we now have quick settings, and the 5 top quick setting appear inline with notifications.

Display size is a new setting replaces the font size accessibility. The SP part of font size didn't work well

the new Display Size setting changes the dpi size of the device at runtime - .85x to 1.45x to scale it at a lower level

do ensure your app works in sw320dp - if the user changes the density this will make you app need to cope

Chet Haase:

Multi-Locale - outside of my country people speak more than one language [you don't know many Hispanic-Americans Chet?]

the User can now select multiple languages and order them, so they get localised apps when they exist

Doze mode on android M kicks in after a while, then it wakes up every so often, interval decaying exponentially

In N Doze mode you don't have to be stationary to trigger doze mode; apparently some people walk without using phones

we found that lots of apps were listening for network activity changes, and thrashing as you walk around wifi

we also got rid of the new photo and video actions

instead use the jobscheduler to find out about photos rather than thrashing every app on the phone

Data Saver now lets you restrict network access by app to stop apps costing you money

there is a new api to find metered networks and for knowing when you have been restricted

Romain Guy:

Direct Boot now boots until lockscreen until you enter pin code, so you don;t have to unlock to run apps

Up until now you had to ask permission for the entire storage -now you can use Scoped Directory for specific ones

You can now easily turn off apps that are in Work mode so you can take the weekend off

you can also have a Work challenge for authenticating into Work apps that applies across them

The new Runtime has a faster interpreter, a JIT and compilation ahead of time - lots fo ways it is sped up

we have new ICU4J unicode and globalization support that means you don't need external libs for this

If you want lambdas in Java, we support those back to Gingerbread but you have to use the Jack compiler with Java 8

we have reduced autio latency in the lower levels - AudioTrack reduces latency 40-70ms

you have to set a flag AudioAttributes.FLAGLOWLATENCY to get low latency audio in your app

Switch to Clang, GCC is deprecated

Chet Haase:

VR has a new setVRModeEnabled Activity - do not turn this on if you are not making a full VR app

Support Library 23.2 adds Night Mode, Bottom Sheets, and VectorDrawable - use this for smaller apps

VectorDrawable performance is 20%-90% faster now in both drawing and parsing. See IndieNews