Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

welcome to Homebrew Website Club SF - we meet here fortnightly - in 2 weeks I can't host so we need a venue for the 14th

today we've already had homebrew website clubs today in Brighton, Amsterdam, Göteborg and Baltimore

some of us are posting our January 1st commitments on https://indieweb.org/2017-01-01-commitments

I'm going to host all my RSVPs to public events on my site - brid.gy will do it for Facebook; lanyrd and eventbrite by hand

Bear wants to read his twitter feed on his own site, and reply to posse to twitter

Ben Werdmuller:

I want a bot to talk to about posts on my site, like the Quartz one

Tantek Çelik:

blog something about what you want to get working on your site by the end of the year, and add it to https://indieweb.org/2017-01-01-commitments

Yuriy Dybskiy:

can I demo questions that I have?

Aza Raskin:

we are working on "the chatternet" - the internet of conversation

we all hate social networks- there is a problem with a norming effect in large systems where people converge

so if you post something and others don't like it, you stop posting. so how do we make this global namespace into local ones

we want an open source, end to end encrypted javascript chat

when you start you type in your name and get a channel - everything is a channel

if you want to make a new channel you type in a hashtag and that makes one that you can post to

but you can make subchannels inside a hashtag with a slash like #homebrewsf/gifs

the URLs don't have a global namespace - they are yours and only show up if you link to them

so it is easy to set up a channel for a spontaneous event.

we made some structure, but everything is modifiable with javascript

we're just a bunch of white guys in silicon valley and we don't want to force our norms on everyone, so you can change it

we have an iOS app that runs javascript, so you can add your own code to it from a gist

there's a web version as well as the iOS one that has multiple panels instead of columns you flip through

things we're trying to figure out are how to do federation

the web version is at https://other.chat

Johannes Ernst:

I blog at http://upon2020.com/ - I started out that url to talk about the future,

I have been working on UBOS, a linux distribution to make it easy to install things

what I want to show today is setting up websites as TOR hidden services with a single command

So I can set up Ben's @withknown app as a TOR hidden service with ubos admin createsite --tor

then it asks me for user and password and site format, then make a site for me

then it gives me an onion URL I can put into the TOR browser and see my new Known site

I figured that this might come in handy. UBOS runs on x86 - there's an image for amazon ec2 and raspberry pi

you can backup the server as an image, and restore the hidden service to a different backend

this also means you can self-host in your own home as TOR tunnels through firewalls for you

adding woodwind as an app for UBOS would be a good project for someone

Tantek Çelik:

Webmention is now a PR at w3c - the last phase before it becomes a standard https://www.w3.org/TR/webmention/

if you are a w3c member, you can vote on this today, so please do

if you search for w3.org members, there is a list there - see if you can vote

Ask your W3C AC rep to vote for Webmention today ASAP! https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/webmention/

Yuriy Dybskiy:

the project @aza demoed fits in with a lot of the things I have been thinking about

blogging to my blog is a bit hard, it has a cumbersome workflow with markdown and so on, so I need a better tool

Now medium supports custom domains I can use medium as a better tool for posting, but now I'm stuck between 2 worlds

so I have a github-hosted static octopress blog as well as the medium site - chances that the URLs are the same is low

so, my theory of better tools making me post more didn't hold up as I haven't posted much on medium either

my goals for 2017 are to figure out my web identity, at least a URL. I also have catscadia.com

I am also a photographer but most of my photos are on facebook 'cos of reach and people tagging. I need better workflow

Kevin Marks:

I updated my site a bit since I was last here - I added a Recent Publications and Things I Made section to it

The speakeasy:

I have a site at http://thespeakeasysf.com/ for my interactive theater club that is another reality

what we want is to make website that shows something of the real life experience

I think we're looking for design, a ux person and a coder, but I'm a theater person so you know better than me

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