Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

welcome to homebrew website club - last time I shared the off the record URL for micropub

since then the w3c has published the 1st public working draft of Micropub https://www.w3.org/TR/micropub/

the Micropub spec is the 2nd result on google, which is good when it competes with small public houses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropub

which is an opportunity for someone to create a disambiguation page on wikipedia, as w3c is notable

here is a suitable citation: https://www.w3.org/blog/news/archives/5286

the indieweb summit dates are set for June 4th and 5th in Portland, OR

who has something to share or something that they need help with

Ben Werdmüller:

the open bot Trink I showed last meeting is now a real project for Withknown that we are building

the Known open source project is getting lots of pull requests now, and there is a Docker repo

Kyle Mahan:

on my known site I added a notification screen for things that would otherwise go to email from Known

I was trying out the HTML5 notifications today so it will show me notifications when things come in

Tantek Çelik:

every browser has set up a behind the scenes push notification server for their browser, which will call your service worker

having notifications is interesting anyway - maybe you can hook it up to the SWAT0 flow

I got something minor done - automatic POSSE to flickr of Photos and maybe video

I built this on brid.gy publish to flickr, which means I am publishing syndication URLs to flickr too

we are now 100% on our January commitments as @aaronpk shipped his site https://indiewebcamp.com/2016-01-01-commitments

we also have a new Indiewebcamp logo design from Shaners https://slack-files.com/T03QR2B2T-F0LFT9G3T-fe40b97474 http://indiewebcamp.com/logo

Zeta with Zaku Head:

I built a webring - because I use it as an interview question

so I have a DHT based webring in javascript for matrix

Ben Werdmüller:

I like the idea of a webring, and of a public timeline - as it shows 'here are the people"

Zeta with Zaku Head:

instructions for adding your site to the distributed webring is at http://ring.whatthefuck.computer