Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

IndieWebCamp UK was amazing - I've never seen so many people go from 0 to 5 HTTPS in one weekend

the documentation on the wiki helped a lot, Also Tim Retout was interpreting the crypto error messages everyone was getting

@adactio had a great socratic dialog with Tim drawing out the complexities of https

on Monday Google said they will deprecate SHA-1 in a year, so the HTTPS effort gets to be redone for SHA-2

also at indiewebcamp UK was a complete user flow for going to someone else's site, clicking a reply button and post it to you

by using an indie-action tag, which delegates via a protocol handler that you register for your own site to your site

have you seen Barnaby's shrewdness.waterpigs.co.uk reader? it subscribes only to h-entry markup

to subscribe to a legacy RSS or Atom feed via shrewdness use @kevinmarks's feed.unmung.com to convert them to h-entry

Ben Werdmüller:

I need to dash back as we're launching @withknown tomorrow, go to withknown.com to get your own indieweb site

Aaron Parecki:

new member Joe Myer with http://sportsdatabase.com/ - here to learn

next new member is at yourmom.io

I got some new things working - I added video posts to my site as I had to post a screen recording

I have a new thing that plays an mp4 file if you post it, and I'm just using the <video> tag so it just works

also this week I got bookmarks working on my site - go to quill.p3k.io you can use it to post bookmarks too

Kevin Marks:

today @benwerd @erinjo and I went on This Week In Google to talk about indieweb and Known

Tantek Çelik:

Leo was very excited to be able to post photos from his phone to known

Aaron Parecki:

it was also great to show comments from multiple implementations on the Known site to show interop

Tantek Çelik:

the nice thing about this #indieweb demo was that previous monoculture implementations only interoperated with themselves

Johannes Ernst:

we have changed indiebox into a project ubos.net to deploy services on various different servers on demand

what we have not built in the indie world is products that people can buy