IndieWebCamp Portland


I implemented micropub on my site so I can use 3rd party apps to post to my site

in the long run I want to make a reader that lets me post so I needed micropub for that

I'm using Quill to post to my site - it explains the steps

in theory I also implemented the in-reply-to and the twitter and facebook syndication but it needs another half an hour


I set up my website today running on some Go code

I added an h-card and put the repo up on github


I redesigned my website and nearly finished it - it's going to be more dynamic


I made a Known plugin for multiuser sites


I post books in my collection on my site


I write reviews and link to Paul's postings and link to canonical pages for the book

from my review it followed the link to paul's library page, then went to the master catalog page to get the info

if you write a review of the book you can webmention back to the canonical source as well as the page you linked

we're hoping to generalise this from books to DVDs, CDs etc too


I tried to work on 3 things but got 2 and a fraction done

the 1st thing is trying to converge comment markup so we can do it consistently

we wrote it up here:

if the comment is from someone else's site it should be marked as h-cite with p-content and p-name on the text of the comme

the advanced form would be to add a permalink to the original comment and dt-published

if you're consuming comments this is structure you can rely on

the second thing I showed was scoped styles, which I had before on my site

but now I got it working in chrome and safari as well as firefox despite them not supporting it

the 3rd thing I wanted to do was getting my site looking good on mobile, so lets see if this works

my first goal was to get my homepage looking good on mobile - not wrapping URLs badly

the next improvement I want to do is make my photos full bleed on mobile


I'm sarah, my url is

today I got some posts up - a webmention to aaron's post, then set up a webmention endpoint on my site

so I could reply to my own post with a 3rd post


I added some microformats to some existing discussions on my site

I started with a small discussion and came up with exchanges between people in markup

h-entry for the comment, h-card and p-author dt- for dates and u- for photos


a micropub endpoint has to get a bearer token from a micropub client request

I made a node module for parsing bearer tokens that abstracts the complexities away


I'm Jennifer, my site is I applied a microformats2 supporting wordpress theme

I spent a huge amount of today wrestling with wordpress things as it didn't quite do what I wanted

my h-card isn't a full h-card yet; I set up webmentions, and I reorganised by categories


we've got a remote demo of Kartik Prabhu's hfeed to atom in python:

here's his post about it - his atom kept braking so now it's made from html

his feed is now at if you want to subscribe; this removes tech debt


I updated he wiki today about indieauth things to make it more consistent

then I worked on SWAT0 the tagging test

ben took a photo of me and tagged me in a photo and my phone notified me

I got hat notification

ben updating the photo was amy hitting the like button

and these comments are now on ben's post, which notified me

now I can sign into woodwind and log in with twitter - wait, twitter is down

fortunately indieauth means I don't have to use twitter, I can use

I cna post my own comment now in the reader and that posts on my site and ping ben's

and I got a notification that commented on my photo on ben's site

so we have demo'd SWAT0 by 3 people, 3 locations, 3 implementations

These notes were made while tired and watching via webcam from California Corrections and improvements welcomed