Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

if you have anything new, put your hand up and we'll talk about it - SF or Portland

if you're an AT&T cellphone account user, people can create an account there and see your SMSs, and have stolen @j @x accounts

if you report a security bug to AT&T they ask you to file a police report for identity theft

Ben Werdmüller:

I'm Ben, formerly of idno, which is now @withknown and I'm the CEO - we're the first indieweb company

what we really need is to talk to people interested in indieweb, owning your own data, but not tehcnical - talk to us.

Aaron Parecki:

I've been documenting IndieAuth and putting tools for it together so other people can make sense of it

alex linSKer:

I am looking into teaching people about technloogy

Johannes Ernst:

I launched IndieBox 2 weeks ago and has had a lot of uptake. it's about 25% funded, and has a lot of press take off

IndieBox is a home server that has a geek mode and a human mode - http://indieboxproject.org/blog/

as the box is quite expensive, I want to set up a virtual Indie box for people on Amazon, and need help with that

Matt Martelles:

I left my job 'cos my old employer was very draconian about websites. If you want a better web you have to build i

Ben Morrow:

my site is childoftv.com I edit it in google docs using a spreadsheet and some archaic XSLT

I also bought dotpirate.ninja recently

kate losse:

My site is katelosse.tv - I used to work at facebook and wrote a book about that.

now I most enjoy writing on my own site and want to own that -both facebook and being a book author constrains you

Zack Fischmann:

I have http://www.zackfischmann.com and I'm here to work on new projects with people

Johannes Ernst:

This word Indie is claimed by lots of people for different things - is there a way to decide how to use this

Andi Galpern:

I do event hosting for UX nights - I want to work on a blog to share information, I want to write without worrying

Tantek Çelik:

earlier today in Dusseldorf there was a session on IndieMark - I want to talk about improving http://indiewebcamp.com/indiemark