Slope Graph example

Charlie Park wrote an essay explaining Edward Tufte's Slope Graph idea. However, as he says, Canvas is not great for doing subtle hairlines.

Interested in the idea, I hacked this up using the lovely Raphaƫl library that generates SVG.

The code is on GitHub as slopegraph

, July 13th 2011

A generated example, based on Tufte's data

Current Receipts of Government as a Percentage of Gross Domestic Product, 1970 and 1979

Sweden 46.957.4
Netherlands 44.055.8
Norway 43.552.2
Britain 40.739.0
France 39.043.4
Germany 37.542.9
Belgium 35.243.2
Canada 35.235.8
Finland 34.938.2
Italy 30.435.7
United States30.332.5
Greece 26.830.6
Switzerland 26.533.2
Spain 22.527.1
Japan 20.726.6

Tufte's original image from print, for comparison