IndieWebCamp Nürnberg Demos

Pelle Wessman:

I implemented a localstorage based indieconfig page so anyone can set up their indieconfig

when I set this up I can click a reply button on an indie site and it will post to my site

if you want to add web actions to your site to use indieconfig, the markup is at

Björn Stierand: is the app I use for to aggregate my stuff from around the web

the tool I use for this is sifter redux which uses IFTTT to log actions to files in a dropbox, then posts to dayone

I wanted to do this with my own Known site, so I built a Ruby app to parse these logs

It then creates status entries using the Known api to log my youtube viewing and so on

My Known site is at

Frederic Marx:

today I added webmentions to my static site thanks to @voxpelli's service

I point my webmention endpoint to his service, and then add the javascript to embed these

I also implemented a very simple service worker so if I go offline and reload the page it comes from cache

for now it's just this article:

Steffen Rademacker:

I implemented a service worker, which was tricky at first as I had to get my dev environment running ssl

I set up a gulp script so that when I edit the site it loads a new service worker too

the hard part is getting the service worker to update its own copy of its script in its cache too

I receive webmentions through but I think I need to update the parser version

Jeremy Keith:

yesterday we had a really good discussion about homepages, and how silos show your history

and I particularly liked github's display of your interaction over time, and I'm a fan fo sparklines

if you look at the top of you see sparklines for activity

each sparkline is an SVG that generates the graph from a query string

I show data for 100 points, so I divide time into 100 bins and pass in 75 numbers

Initially I used google charts for sparklines, but they deprecated it, and I made one in Canvas

but it really should be SVG, and @sil made me a script to generate these for me

they don't currently have the same time axis, so I should adjust that for clarity

Tantek Çelik:

my homepage is at - and we debated about streams vs bios and taglines

I changed my page to show icons for my organisations, not just text

The bio is in the sidebar on a wide screen; on a narrow screen I put it under the name with a 'more info' link

Aaron Parecki:

I fixed some bugs on my site - my sleep records weren't importing any more

the umlaut in Nürnberg was breaking the import of the sleep script. so now I lookup latlong to city on my site

so now You can see my sleep in Germany as well

I hacked up an indieweb reader in IRC (using a website that connects to my irc client)

I made a channel on my private server that follows several people in this room so I get notified when they post

if I type !like in IRC, it makes a post on my site

Barnaby Walters:

I tried to create a Pure Data micropub client, but it didn't work

I can now post a link with

and it has archiving too so that it will show up afterwards as well

I see I have a new audio file on my server, so I copy that somewhere public, and change src to it

so now we have an audio file directly linked here:

Julie took a great photo of me, which i wanted to use as a profile photo, but it shouldn't go back in time

so I made profile photos depend on post date

new profile photo taken by @iwontsignuphere

Tantek Çelik:

I have updated webmention support, based on tests

to debug this I made a tool to show me what webmention endpoints it will send webmentions to

the server does all the webmentions synchronously, so hopefully it completes before the browser times out

Bea Dav:

I set up webmentions for my site using processwire

I started this plugin last year at INdiewebcamp Dusseldorf, now they work, eg see

Pelle Wessman:

there are some exotic webmention types, and it an be hard to get people to send you webmentions

I built node-webmention-testpinger to send you webmentions to test your webmention implementation

if you can add examples of your site's markup when you send webmentions to others can test

Tinker Tom:

I updated my site with a service worker so it now works offline as well

Tantek Çelik:

during the demo's I updated the indie-config on - I had to change the Content Security Policy

thank you to Julie @iwontsignuphere for taking so many great photos of the event

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